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Does death have a hammer unit?

El Syf

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Excluding Nagash, Vhordrai, Vlozd et al characters.

It recently struck me death has no real hammer unit; if we are beig honest. Back in the misty days of oldhammer a regular quandary was do I take blood knights (for newer hobbyists blood knights used to be very good) or morghasts which in oldhammer were only 180 for two and could cause roughly the same amount of damage as they do now without buffs. 

I'm a fan of morghasts, no other unit (I don't know about Fec) does that amount of rend and damage. But even they only really perform when buffed. They just don't measure up to fulminators and such like. 

So what does everybody else think?

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FEC has the big monsters...

horrors deal good damage but without rend, while the flayers have the potential mortal wounds, but both only start to wreck with 6 models (320 points), buffed.

vargheist also sport good hits (3+\3+) rend (-1) and high damage (2) also 3 for 160 points...

another unit nobody really considers are grave guard. with great blades (what else), 2 attacks each, 3+/3+/-1/1, 5 for 80 points and totally compatible with a necromancer. With Van hels and gravesites a unit of 30 goes through almost everything in one round of combat, while having a lot of staying power.

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7 hours ago, kenshin620 said:

A big ol unit of Grimghast Reapers could be used as hammer thats also part anvil (or is it an anvil thats part hammer?). They may not have -2 rend or mortal wounds, but they still got a bunch of pretty decent attacks and rerolls to hit.

Indeed Grimghast are pretty crazy if buffed. Remember they reroll all failed hits against units of 5 or more. And they are a cheap unit with 2 attacks with -1 rend! They are also incredibly resilient with a 4+ unmodifiable save and are SUMMONABLE. I'll be using a block of 20 myself.

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