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Signature rules policy question


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I checked out the site rules, but they only mention about a limit on the number of lines in a signature. I was wondering if there are any specific rules regarding links in signatures and what is and is not allowed (and if this is formally documented anywhere).

Not by links I mean url text not the auto generated page tab that the forum software can make

Specifically I'm wondering about if it is allowed to:

1) Post a link to ones own trading thread on the forums 

2) Post a link to off-site websites (eg personal blog/website)

3) If there is a limit on the number of links (provided one keeps within the 5 line limit for text as noted in the signature rules)

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The rules section had natural grown over time.  If there is an abuse then generally we deal with it, if something keeps cropping up then we add a rule and enforce it.  

I really dislike sigs, I think they detract from the forum experience, but users enjoy them.  Don't go mad and you will be ok.  

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