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Hi there!

After having stop collecting/painting/playing Warhammer for a long, long time, I got back into the game, now Age of Sigmar, with a new project. I wanted to create a pirate themed death army. Since I started, GW has released LoN and Nighthaunt, so I think this amy is more alive than ever and I'm super excited.

Also, I tend to follow the old saying: if your painting skills are not the best, convert the rest! (?)

The army is led, most of the time, by Arkhan the 'Hook': 




Also, when I saw the new Nighthaunts, I inmediately wanted to create pirate versions of their heroes. I think Lady Olynder works pretty well as a grieving widow or something like that, but Kurdoss Valentian needed a bit of a change... Behold! Captain Valentian, the Pirate King!








Next is a Morghast and part time Mourngul. Though, considering the theme, it needed to change a little bit... 








I'll try to upload more pics with some of my conversions I've made. 

P.S. The miniatures might look better on the pics than on real life! 

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