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Age of Sigmar Reference and Cheat-Sheet TGA project


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The intention of this thread is to produce a list of fully referenced tips for players either new to Age of Sigmar though to experienced used. The idea is to help provide what is essentially an index of information, especially focusing on abnormal sources of information within the rules of the game. Thus helping players to have a quick and handy reference to check without having to flip back and forth in the book and missing out in important information because it isn't where they expect it to be. 

To contribute simply post the rule/question/info below and please fully reference it (page number - paragraph etc..) so that anyone else can find the information. 

List of references: (this looks like a lot but remember most of the links are minor changes or simple corrections on interactions).



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Terrain Rules:

  • Main Rule Book page 227 under "The Battlefield" title. Basic terrain setup information
  • Main Rule Book Page 235 entire. Basic setup of terrain advice and terrain properties.
  • Main Rule Book page 267 under "The Battlefield" title. Alternative concepts for terrain setup (note whilst this is in the 'Open Play' section most of these are suitable for Matched play and Narrative play games as well 

Endless Spell Rules:

  • Main Rule Book page 262-263 entire. Overview of all rules for Endless Spells - second page is Warscroll for Balewind Vortex)
  • Malign Sorcery book page 53 entire (identical page to the one above in the Main Rule Book)
  • Main Rule Book page 310 under "Picking your army". Outlines limits for the number of Endless Spells of the same type that you can take when building a Matched Play army (this is different to the limit on the Endless Spell overview pages mentioned above)

Faction Specific Endless Spells: (as of 25/9/2018)

  • There is no part of the rules nor in the warscrolls which restricts the purchase of any Endless Spell. This means any faction can legally buy any endless spell. However most faction specific Endless Spells specify on their warscroll that they may only be cast by certain faction units. 
  • This means that under allied situations it is possible to cast ally faction Endless Spells. 

Rules for 2v2 games:

  • Main Rule Book page 272-373 entire.
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Tactical tips and interactions.

1) There is no rule within the game that prevents you putting your entire army "off table" during the deployment phase; provided that those units have the option to be deployed as such on their Warscroll. 

Relevant discussion thread on TGA: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/19350-can-i-keep-my-entire-brayherd-army-off-the-board-to-ambush/


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