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Thoughts on fixing settra / exalted chariot


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So, with 2e's release, one of the best abilities of the Tomb King on Exalted Chariot, the one that allowed other mummy heroes to use their command abilities even though they were not your general, no longer does anything, since command ability use is no longer restricted to your general.  GW isn't going to be fixing the situation themselves, so when and if this project gets updated, I would personally like to see some fix implemented here.

For those who aggree with me, what sort of fix would you like to see?  Some options I've been thinking about:

  1. Generate bonus CP, maybe 1 per hero phase, or d3 per game, which can only be used to activate the warscroll command abilities of embalmed heroes within range
  2. Change to a CP recovery mechanic.  When you activate the warscroll CA of an embalmed hero within range, roll a die, and on a 4+ you get the CP back.
  3. Drop the ability entirely, and drop the exalted chariot's point cost all the way down to its original value.  The ability isn't needed anymore, and 400 odd points is way too much for an 8 wound character anyway, so use the loss of this now redundant ability to return to something closer to a sane points value.

Does anyone have other suggestions?

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7 minutes ago, TristanGray said:

I’ve been rolling with this, as it’s how I think rules as intended should work. So far, not bent!


Ps. That’s the Archaon command ability. I thought since they were quite similar in AoS 1 that having them be the same in AoS 2 wouldn’t be a stretch. 

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That means, you can do the CA of all other heroes in 18". But if you call "war" from settra first, you wont have targets for the other CA of your heroes anymore. Because all tomb kings units are affected in 18". So if you want that a unit gets boni from "my will be done" you need to call it first, then settras "war". But this unit ONLY gets the bonus of "my will be done", not from "war". Because a unit can be affected only once of these CA per battle round. So no doubble buffs anymore. 


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On 8/20/2018 at 9:50 PM, Drahazar said:

yeah Archaons command ability is the same as Settras so you dont' need the CP for the other heroes.

The problem is, that for Settra, it isn't/wasn't a command ability, just an ability he had that let other mummies use their command abilities.  Settra had/has his own completely separate and very good command ability.

If you want to replace Settra's crown with Archaon's command ability, would you then remove settra's command ability as well?  Honestly, that might actually be a debuff from his current rules where the crown ability just does nothing.  Other TK CA's last longer, offering bonuses until your next hero phase rather than just in the following combat phase, but Settra's current CA offers bigger bonuses, and to all units in range.  How many other tomb kings and royal sphinxes would you need in a list with an already-over-400-point settra for each of them using one CA to be as good for the command point investment as settra using his current CA just once for that same point?

I'm not saying this is a bad or wrong option, but considering that I think it makes settra arguably weaker - and certainly no stronger - than he is with no fix, imo it would probably need to be paired with a rather steep points cost reduction as well.

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