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The Wastelands of Warcry! Death stalks the Varanspire!


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Hi everyone! I'm new here. I've painted for a huge part of my life, and one of my favourite things is following people's project logs and getting inspired by what others have done. Here's my attempt at a project log for a freeguild army. Hopefully I can keep adding to it, as well as inspiring others!

First some fluff.

The Realm of Ghur. Eastern Reaches. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

    Towards the east of Ghur lies a region of deserts. They are greatly affected by the unstable magic of other realms, an effect I termed Realm-Bleed during my travels. The northerly desert is an icy, stone-strewn tundra where little thrives. The magic of Shyish bleeds into the northernmost edge of this tundra, ensuring that which does survive the sparse wilderness is truly hardy and fearsome to face in combat.
    The southern desert is a sandy region where waves of dunes ripple across the horizon. This desert is hot, and the further south one travels, the greater the effects of Aqshy Realm-Bleed.
    The two deserts are split by a strip where, against all odds, life thrives. This tropical oasis features a vast lake and rivers that feed farmlands before reaching the Eastern Sea. To the north and south of the bountiful lands are the Twin Jewels of the Deserts - Kislavia and Ajier.
    Kislavia is the city that lies to the north of the oasis. Its people are rugged and used to fighting the cold. They are experienced hunters and have tamed a number of the fearsome beasts that inhabit the northern tundra. While the majority of the population live in the city of Kislavia, there are a number of nomadic tribes that roam the wasteland for food, as well as dangers in the form of monsters and enemies. The tribes can be distinguished by the colours of the tassels their carry. Some tribes specialise in archery, others in trade, while a rare few focus on taming the wild creatures of the tundra. In times of war the tribes will band together to protect Kislavia. These occasions see a formidable force of spearmen, archers, handgunners and beast-riders marching in unison. These dangerous times even see marble-clad remnants of Sigmar's Stormcast and the reclusive Rieklings, or Ice Goblins, join the tribes of Korgoria to protect their lands.

This army came from a desire to come back to Warhammer Fantasy. I wanted to create a freeguild army that decended from the empire. I searched my miniatures for suitable candidates and came across a number of miniatures I had bought to one day create a Kislevite Army. The miniatures are plastic Steppe Warriors from Fireforge. They are detailed and include a range of weapon options which covers the spearmen and archer needs for my army,

The first miniatures I finished were five test archers, five test spearmen and a converted model to represent a general. What's that you say? Enough with the text? Ok then. No more rambling and onto the pictures!

1566672595_FreeguildGuard.JPG.027683b2272d8edb66a2fd5b25e3f972.JPGThe Freeguild Guard fend off enemies with their shields.

1191848903_FreeguildGeneral.JPG.1d269e2cc5189f00e1dfe2bb70fe0295.JPGThe Freeguild General preparing to draw his blade!


The Freeguild Archers let off a volley!

1607925292_FreeguildArcherChampion.JPG.3a65b8009654526c965c9a349b29d764.JPGThe Archer Champion surveys his men. 'Not bad,' he thinks. "They are overrunning us!" screams his second.


Test scheme for marble-clad stormcast. Quite happy with it, and it was not terribly time-consuming! Win-win!

Next up I'm finishing off the remaining archers and their pet hawk! Things to look forward to in the future include bear-ish riders and the elusive Rieklings! Hope you like them!


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A fantastic start. I love when people flesh out some background to their projects. Also a big fan of using varied miniatures to represent freeguild, to match the variation of civilisations we see in the books.

Really nice work on the robes of the guard, good colour and depth.

Are the ice goblins a potential future project? :) 

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I'm glad you like them. If you like alternate miniatures you should enjoy the handgunners I'm planning. Ice Goblins are actually going to feature sooner than exected as part of my large Guard Spearmen unit. A larger project involving an army of them could happen further in the future, though there are some other things planned for after the Freeguild.

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The Realm of Ghur. Kalisha tribe. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

The Kalisha tribe is one of the main tribes that make up the Kislavia population. They live a nomadic lifestyle in the region surrounding the capital. They specialise in archery and hunting. Often they will hold archery competitions, both on foot and on horseback. The targets of these challenges range from small, speedy hares to larger beasts like thundertusks. The tribesmen can usually be identified by the pale tassels they wear on their helmets or their immaculately kept bows and quivers. The huntsmaster I met hunted alongside a large hawk who could spot a moving hare from a mile away. He was a stern drillmaster, and often surveyed his men to ensure they were operating perfectly. His right hand was missing its little finger, and, though its disappearence was never explained, I do believe his bad-tempered hawk was responsible.

Update! The rest of my archers are done! I made a a scenic movement tray for them. Back when units were ranked I enjoyed making scenic trays as extensions of their bases, and that interest as survived into the Age of Sigmar. I don't really play the game so am not sure if movement trays would affect it much, however for my own sanity I need trays to bulk move my miniatures!

1900441171_FreeguildArchersontray.JPG.e1d8f6aa1a21783b5a797b975ca0d89d.JPGThe whole group overseen by the huntsmaster and his hawk in the background. The huntsmaster strokes his chin thoughtfully.


Closeup of an archer picking his next target. He can feel the huntsmaster's eye on him!Aiming.JPG.e2ea168f91a4c2405d6f7c65affe5cff.JPG

Closeup of an archer ready to fire. I don't know what possesses me to string the bows and add arrows, but it does look nice when painted!

Hope you like this update! Next time more spears!

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Thanks for all the comments everyone!

The Realm of Ghur. Marblecast. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

    Once Sigmar's reach extended to the eastern reaches of Ghur. Legions of pristine Stormcast marched through the region, bringing order and taming the wild region. Their brilliant white ranks were joined by the local tribes in the taming of the twin deserts, leading to the formation of the twin cities of Kislavia and Ajier.
    The rise of Nagash severed the region from Sigmar's touch. Now when the Marblecast fall they are no longer reclaimed by Sigmar. They are instead repaired and rejuvenated by the remaining Lord-Relictors, though each resurrection sees their wildness grow as the Lord-Relictors increasingly rely on the strength of Ghur's magic to power their resurrection spells. The Marblecast bare armour cracked and chipped by ceaseless battle, their gold adornments tarnished and their once-majestic masks now grim and foreboding visages.

Today's update sees an allied squad of Marble Stormcast emerge from the tundra wasteland!1751201446_MarblecastLiberatorShieldwall.jpg.c2ad9ef640b28037459194526ed79a78.jpg

The shieldwall forms!1368522492_MarblecastLiberatorPrime.JPG.18c7860ccae81f5f891cca56831c473c.JPG

The Liberator Prime with her green-hued armour.

Hope you like them! Next there'll likely be some more spearmen and 10 handgunners which just need to be based!

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I'm trying to finish my planned Freeguild Units before the Summer Holidays end, so here's another batch of minis! Firat some fluff...

The Realm of Ghur. Tradiki tribe. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

    The Tradiki tribe are a gregarious tribe famed for its diplomatic ties and trading links. Rivalry does occur douring peacetime between the Tradiki and the Kaslisha, due to the former's desire for technological progress and development, and the latter's wish for traditional arms and rituals. Despite this, there have been numerous occasions where the tribes unite to fend off a greater threat. The Tradiki are identifiable by their ponchos and woollen gloves. They contribute sharpshooters specialising in the use of handguns to Kislavia's armies. Their technology is acquired through trade with Kislavia's Sky-Dawi Enclave.

The handgunners were made using Warlord Games Winter Soviet Infantry. I painted the guns brass rather than steel and it has created a suitably fantasy apearance for the historical Russian weapons! The standard-bearing owl comes from a wood eld kit. Some heads are from the Fireforge Steppe Warriors kit. I enjoyed kitbashing and basing these, and feel they really fit in with the rest of the army due to the similar colour scheme I used for them.

550745098_FreeguildHandgunners.JPG.efb007a7a7db8efb45a418ef87dbdf58.JPGThe Tradiki Tribe's Handgunners preparing an ambush.


Two Handgunners taking aim from the cover of a rocky outcrop.121083255_One-ArmedAmmoRunner.JPG.f83d92b287d95934cb257439e75fcd22.JPG

One-armed Jinki, a tribesmen tortured and left for dead during a Khornate Warband's attack. He lost his arm and his face was heavily scarred. He keeps it covered now, however insists on helping in combat by carrying ammo and training himself to use a rifle one-handed!893332385_SharpshooterwithLongRifle.JPG.530ee20a9e1582fcde071b7e555388d0.JPG

The sharpshooter discussing the enemy's approach with a gunner.


Additionally I've got some work-in-progress shots of the bear riders! Mounts are based on a Stonehorn and Morngul Cavalry.1063862114_GeneralonGreatUrserineWIP.JPG.8e84a91a04c12bc7da6c6e6dd238f20e.JPG

Here is the general riding a mighty Urserine! I'm working of giving it a hairier face and some sort of rhinocerous-like horn on its forehead.1251060262_UrsusRiderMock-Up.JPG.74bf7cdcfc544eeb54e3476448dec5a5.JPG

Ther Urserine's smaller cousin. A work-in-progress shot of the demigryph-sized bear cavalry. The riders are Warlord Games Polish Winged Hussars, keeping to the theme that the elite Kislevite Cavalry were originally based on. I'm excited to get these done! Hope you enjoyed this update!


Hope you enjoyed

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The Realm of Ghur. Ursiki tribe and Wartime Alliance. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

    In times of great danger the tribes of Kislavia will band together to defend their territory. In these cases specialists from each tribe form units, such as the Kalisha forming groups of archers and the Tradiki forming units of handgunners. Less experienced members of each tribe will join mixed groups of spearmen. These diverse units can even feature some of the braver Ice Goblins from the more civilised tribes that trade with the Tradiki.1440319650_FreeguildSpearmen.JPG.ef53b0e57ec76bd0e077c79e482b1218.JPG

The completed unit of 20 Spearmen, featuring members from multiple tribes, and even a couple of Ice Goblins!194194977_FreeguildGuardChampion.JPG.947dfa81af8f972b866254ff2b0b582a.JPG

The Champion in the front ranks.1683924420_FreeguildGuardFrontRank.JPG.8601913d13b2341afd8d39b2fdadd59e.JPG

The shieldwall ready to repel enemies. 541683169_Gold-NosedFreeguildIceGoblin.JPG.8b0eafffc522356b47e4a26d76368e8e.JPG

An older Ice Goblin in the back ranks. His gold nose is a prosthetic that has two uses. It replaces his original, uninspiring nose, and also costs his total wealth. Therefore it makes him look imposing (so he thinks) and ensures no one can steal his savings from under his nose again!1992740144_FreeguildIceGoblinSpearman.JPG.fc65d42eeeec3f06442cadac7ec7ce4f.JPG

A hilariously excited Ice Goblin screaming insults from the back ranks. His helmet has been sourced from the Kalisha tribe.


The whole army that has been painted thus far.1055573527_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine.JPG.3cd5975a447c1911bc59742946ebd9d6.JPG

The ready-to-paint General on Great Urserine. Any thoughts on the beast's face? The rider's saddle?1567294467_FreeguildUrsusLancer.JPG.51f9f8881c20c97c6f97ba03d19a5021.JPGA Ursus Lancer ready for basing.

Hope you enjoy this update. I have given myself about a week left to finish these. Let's see how things go!

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I started painting the big beastie. I think the fur on the lip works fine in some angles, and a bit dodgy from other angles. I might try and trim it a bit tomorrow. 1911762645_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserineWIP.JPG.3812f172ea196d1780e8f8216d195832.JPG

Sun was down when I took the pictures so they are not too great. Here's the first coat on most areas of the big beast. I tend to layer one coat on everything, then wash the whole model before highlighting everything. It helps me work through things at a good pace.472403485_FreeguildUrsusLancers.JPG.89f112d978c0130318207d5f495b6181.JPG

The unit of bear riders ready to be painted. Those lance tips are absolutely lethal! Really prickly!

Hope you like these! I also appreciate any comments on the offending big beastie's moustache-lip and thoughts on the saddles of the bear riders.

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Love this army! So original and the lore really ties it together well.

As for the bear, I think maybe the issue with the upper lip is that it is roaring and snarling and yet the hair is just hanging down. The upper lip would probably be flared more if it was roaring like that. 

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The Realm of Ghur. Ursaria Tribe. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.
    The Ursaria tribe is the smallest of Kislavia's Great Tribes. However, it is one of, if not the most, influential tribes in the region. Its members are renowned for their taming of the greatest predators of Ghur's tundra. The tribe will bring its heavily armoured lancers and their ferocious Ursus mounts to battle in Kislavia's defense. A regiment of Ursus lancers is a truly terrifying sight, with both rider and mount working in unison due to their mutual respect.
    Ur-Sak Boris is the leader of the Ursaria tribe. He is easily spotted with his bright red robes and his pristine gold armour. Many legends have been created by the great warrior, his gleaming white blade - Fang - and his enormous mount Kariina. Kariina is a great urserine, a species related to the ursus. Urserine's never stop growing, therefore their size is a great indictor of a specimen's age and exerience in battle. Kariina is huge, and those who are not wary of her will soon be crushed beneath her tremendous hooves or savage teeth.

A nice update today! The General on Great Urserine is finished! I fiddled around with the fur and its lip and in the end I do not think it changed much. I think it turned out fine when painted. I really wanted the rider to stand out as a heroic figure, therefore I painted him in possibly the only warm colours featured in the army. His robes are a bright red and his armour a shiny gold, though he still fits into the rest of the army. The base is more or less finished, apart from the ice pond with a skeleton. Vallejo water effects are currectly working their magic their, but it will be a few days of layers before its ready.663291916_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine(1).JPG.4d757b1fc6151fc6dc2f5e0e51e48f79.JPG1199294570_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine(2).JPG.c32b361dfad7ce92f39f27ecaf5cff9f.JPG658091363_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine(3).JPG.2bd02569eec1853c4d138c7643a193cd.JPG812441297_FreeguildGeneralonGreatUrserine(4).JPG.08173c50f8b4b569d85e397ef7c2ffbb.JPG

Next time I'll hopefully done the Ursus Lancers. I'm back at work again so my pace will be slower, but I hope it will continue. After the Ursus Lancers I will need a change of pallette. I am currently planning the next army. Rumours in Kislavia have mentioned the return of the Flame-Bloods... Ghur Travel Writer Herr Jaeger will no doubt be investigating them once he has finished his excursions in Kislavia!

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Great success! I actually finished the last unit I had planned for this project! I think this must be the first time I have ever fully completed a project!

Here they are, the Ursus Lancers, AKA, Bear Cavalry!2088843174_UrsusLancers(1).JPG.9d521dbaab199cfc593781d0cf1912af.JPG1581651573_UrsusLancers(3).JPG.d9ee2a3771b2b204182833dd98268b42.JPG870757870_UrsusLancers(2).JPG.21447f8ff5d826cad81c3e9a1dcc2fb7.JPG

The pictures are not great as the light was poor when I took them. I really like the way they have come out. I love the Polish Winged Hussars with their feathered wings and their great lancers. I struggled with their saddles as the Mournfang saddles are made for Ogre bottoms, which are considerably larger than these small humans! I really like the way they have come out, and think they go well with the rest of the army.

Hope you like these as much as I do!

There's a few ideas for what's next to surface in the Wastelands of Ghur. The previously mentioned Flame-Blooded were an army I started but I was not happy with the way they were going. They have been slightly delayed due to a small retooling. Hopefully I'll work them out and have some ready by next week!

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The Realm of Ghur. The Flame-Blooded. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

    To the north of Kislavia lies a seemingly endless rocky steppe. Across it roam vast herds of grazing beasts and packs of predators such as the Ursus and the Urserine. Some of Kislavia's more nomadic tribes, such as the Kalisha, will often journey here to hunt for meat and furs. The fauna are not the only danger here.
    The Flame-Blooded are not so much a tribe, but a religion. They consist of a number of scattered groups. Some are bonded by blood, others by friendship. What truly unites the Flame-Blooded is the hardship they endure. Icy winds and freezing temperatures batter them, weathering their flesh and numbing their nerves. Each group or band is led by a powerful, especially tough individual. The individual preaches in the name of Khorrire, the Lord of Fire and Battle. The religion of Korrire revolves around fire that consumes material to release blessed warmth and fire that powers one's spirit and allows them to endure the dangers of Ghur's tundra.
    Fire is a dangerous element, and battle is one of the most certain ways in which to stir both material fire and spiritual fire to warm the believers of Khorrire. The Flame-Blooded are therefore a fairly aggressive people and often incite battle in the name of their God and in order to bring warmth to their ice-cold homeland. The Flame-Blooded's warlike nature and beliefs often reminded me of the followers of the Chaos Blood God. Indeed a number of the trinkets and markings the Flame-Blooded adorned themselves with were similar in style to the marks of the Blood God.



The Slaughterpriest, wielding the fire the tribe worships. Its been a long time since I tried Object Source Lighting, but I think it came out alright in the end.


Ten Bloodreavers made from a variety of parts. They are meant to look like feral/barbaric versions of my Freeguilders. Most of them are assembled using the Flagellant kit as it has feral robe wearers.


The Champion. Each champion in the army will carry fire as a symbol of their strength. Only the strongest are trusted to carry their god's gift.


Horn Blower that was created in the style of my Freeguilders.


The Icon Bearer, also in the style of my Freeguilders. The Icon is a Khorne version of the Freeguilder banner.


Well, that's it for this post! Hope you like them. I have a few more Flame-Blooded of Khorne to paint, so hopefully those don't take too long!


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Update at last!

I've been busy with work, and I also was unsure how to paint some of the Khornish miniatures so these guys were floundering about my desk for a long time!


A second unit of Bloodreavers, featuring some Khornegor conversions!


A Bloodsecrator bearing a flaming icon. He is pictured cracking open the ground to summon a wave of blood and skulls!


Skullreapers! They've come out really dark in this picture. I struggled to choose a colour scheme for these and ended up rushing them to get them finished. They are not too bad in the end.


Next project! An amber wizard for my Freeguild. I was mainly inspired by the artworks of collegiate arcana mages from the core rulebook. Those artworks have the mages really embodying their lore. I therefore tried to make this mage personify the savagery of Ghur magic. She'll be painted wearing bone armour, she wields a bladed staff and carries skulls on her totem at her back. The dreadlocks and fanged mouth also convey the same thematic appearance.


She'll be standing on a giant skull fragment.


Hope you enjoy this update! I hope I manage to get another update in sooner next time!


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It's been a long time since I updated. I did a couple of mages/wizards and then got distracted by Necromunda. However, Carrion Empire has brought me back to the Realm of Ghur!

The Realm of Ghur. Eastern Reaches. From the writings of Herr Jaeger.

    In the icy wasteland north of Kislavia rises a new faction. The Blisterskin. These ghoulish creatures swept in through the Gate of Aqshy and bring their religion of fire and warmth to the frigid wastes. They travel in a nomadic manner. Led by the Prophet, a winged beast with ebon flesh and the Saint, who many say is more human than he appears. 

    The caravan of ghouls are protected by the blessed knights, great winged ghouls that scout the surroundings and keep a lookout from above. The most gallant of these warriors will adorn themselves with the bones of both ferocious foe and fallen friends. 

   The majority of the caravan consists of lesser ghouls. These tend to fall into two categories; the militant and the civilian. The militant types will be festooned with various make-shift weapons and follow the largest of their kind. The civilian type will carry out the same sort of functions civilians of other races carry out. Some of these civilian ghouls will even carry and sell relics, meat or drink, advertising their services in a morbid and grotesque fashion.

  These ghouls are based on the Blisterskin faction. The pictures have not come out well. The light was far too bright!large.1746897605_SpeckledCryptGhoul.JPG.9ae7aabe7d1b20e40c5ed56c7a26d58a.JPG

A closeup of the speckled pattern on one ghoul's back.


A ghoul warrior, wearing a fallen Kislavia Freeguilder's helmet and wielding a magnificent club (bone).large.1451789317_CryptGhoulTobeornottobe.JPG.bd0ab0d013d840e7b80f5d92ee2741e9.JPG

A ghoul contemplating mortality, or perhaps talking to the skull of his old friend. Who knows?large.1627064485_CryptGhast.JPG.57bdb6a5c9c331eaffd9419f647b9ff0.JPG

The Crypt Ghoul boss, wearing the skull of a defeated foe and carrying a book of scripture. I don't think he can read though, but none of his followers know that!large.1575866713_CryptGhoulRelicMerchant.JPG.877f75ac472037f9ebc200f2b05f7939.JPG

My favourite conversion! A glimpse into civilian ghoul life! He is inspired somewhat by the Resident Evil 4 merchant. 'What'cha buyin friend? Got relics of all kinds here!'


The pack of warrior ghouls!large.492017099_CryptFlayerssurveying2.JPG.61ca2a7e3e416e84d49e2394bd919f99.JPG

Crypt Flayers! I love the models, but hate their original poses. I spent hours working out some interesting poses for these two. I love the pointy finger on the left Flayer, and I didn't scuplt it! It actually comes on the actual model!large.1617234_CryptFlayerssurveying.JPG.e61974945f9917e0ca6de0ac923c4948.JPG

Another angle of the same two.

I have some more of these fellows in the works. Hopefully I can get them done soon!


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An update! Two units of Crypt Flayers completed. I really enjoy when units are created with a narrative in mind. I loved creating unit fillers for the old square-based miniatures in movement tray that told a story. It is harder to do the same with these circle base miniatures since you cannot have a larger base stand in for a couple of smaller bases. I have tried to tell a story with these ghouls though. I really don't like the original poses of the miniatures (running with wings? ooook), and found it quite challenging to come out with natural looking poses.

I also really enjoy building on an army's culture and background. Things like the infernals wearing armour/trinkets made from bones of their long-dead friends/foes help add character to the miniatures.


This unit is themed around preparing an attack or ambush. they are posed as if watching. The left-most, Sir Longclaw, points out the route the enemy is taking. The unit's leader, Sir Scarbrow agrees as he stands in a relaxed position. The right-most flayer, Sir Snaggletooth, can't really see what is happening but peers on nonetheless.


This unit is themed around leaping to action. I like how the left-most ghoul, Sir Spineback, came out with his outstretched wings. The infernal, Sir LanceAnOrc wears the skulls of many defeated foes as pauldrons. The right-most flayer, Sir Smoothspine, is the newest recruit to the privileged rank of flayer, which is shown by the lack of spines along his back. He needs to work hard to prove himself and earn a non-mocking nickname!

Hope you enjoy these, and I look forward to completing my ghoul civilians within the next couple of weeks!

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I recently have fallen into the pit of Warcry. Fallen very deeply into the pit of Warcry. I'm going to try and post each of my newly painted warbands, and the terrain I've also completed.

Behold the Seekers of the Sun!



Led by the robed Saint Vushnor, a hapless human who has mastered the art of creating fire with a pair of twigs, these sun-worshipping Blisterskin roam the Varanspire wastes seeking a realmgate into the realm of fire. Saint Vushnor is an unfortunate Freeguild engineer whose comarades were overwhelmed in battle. He was thrown into simultaneous damnation and sainthood by accidentally firing his rifle at a friendly ammo cache. His army was obliterated, but the surviving ghouls dropped to their blistered knees to honour this master of flame. They shower him with gifts that Vushnor does not have to courage to reject. He does not have the courage to tell them the truth, nor does he have the skill to escape the vast horde attracted to his saintly image. large.97731435_SeekersoftheSunFlayers.JPG.586567c448b581f228e024f3b8c1d8fc.JPG


I have painted up a couple of the other warbands and some scenery and will post pictures of them over the coming week. Hope you enjoy!

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10 hours ago, mcfishstick said:

He was thrown into simultaneous damnation and sainthood by accidentally firing his rifle at a friendly ammo cache. His army was obliterated, but the surviving ghouls dropped to their blistered knees to honour this master of flame. They shower him with gifts that Vushnor does not have to courage to reject. He does not have the courage to tell them the truth, nor does he have the skill to escape the vast horde attracted to his saintly image.

HAha brilliant tragical background

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Hear that sound of vast, slobbering gobs? It is the Loony Moonies! A rowdy warband of squigspecialists who prowl the Varanspire as they search for glass bottles!


A fabled Unisquig and the hapless trapper, Snikka Pincha! Snikka Pincha never seems to be where his net is needed! Unisquig can hold his own, using his great horn to skewer any who are too slow to escape!large.114696300_LoonyMooniesUnisquig.JPG.f755cb6117af8b78cb55389d7e8f0c4c.JPG

On the left stands Flug Toerag, an armoured squig herder who has tends to finish battles trampled and battered, hiding beneath a scrappy twisted bush! He did survive one battle unscathed, by dragging a treasure into a tiny building and hiding inside from the enemy warband. Toothy the smily squig has an exceptionally friendly temperament, for a squig, whereas and Shroomy has an exceptionally grumpy temperament, for a squig.


The Warband's big boss, Sir Big Git. A colossal coward who rides one of the most ferocious squigs around. He tries to lure his mount away from the fiercest combat using scented mushrooms tied to his lancetip. Bugbreath, however, is naturally drawn towards savage combat with the largest and most dangerous foes, much to his master's dismay. Big Git tends to cling on for dear life while his bestial mount tackles the deadliest enemy in the vicinity! Thankfully he has learned to cover every inch of himself with armour!


The fairly brave (for a grot) Squire, Lil' Git and his faithful steed, Eye Eye. Together they have faced a fair number of foes who would leave his fellow grots quaking like a Jellyshroom


Hope you like these guys! Next time I'll upload some pictures of one of my painted Chaos warbands!

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