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Quick Hallowed Knights question


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43 minutes ago, robinlvalentine said:

I'm not sure if it was intended, but by the rules-as-written, it seems pretty clear to me that it affects all spells, friendly or unfriendly, and I don't believe it was changed in the FAQ. Probably best not to include Sacrosanct in a Hallowed Knights army... 

That's what I was thinking. Like the Hallowed Knights colour scheme and background though. Suppose I could stick to spellcasters that effect enemy units rather than my own...

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2 hours ago, CommissarRotke said:

Imagine my disappointment when I prefer Hallowed Knights' colors over the others in the book, AND prefer Sacrosanct chamber to the rest, to find that HK ignore allied spells! It feels like this should not exist, especially at a 6+...

You can mix and match color scheme to stormhost rules 

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