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Exalted Greater Daemons Slaanesh List


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So, recently got my hands on Raging Heroes' Avatar of Shaah model. (aka "Not" Keeper of Secrets ;)). I figure it is too big to represent the current Keeper of Secrets so plan to run it as an Exalted Keeper of Secrets. This is the list I am working on:

Allegiance: Slaanesh - Pretenders

Exalted Keeper of Secrets - 480pts: Gryph-Feather Charm, Allure of Slaanesh, Supremely Vain

Daemon Prince - 160pts: Wings, Sword

Daemon Prince - 160pts: Wings, Sword


10 Chaos Knights - 320pts: Swords

15 Seekers - 360pts

30 Daemonetts - 270pts

5 Hellstriders - 100pts: Scourges

5 Hellstriders - 100pts: Scourges


Total: 1950pts

1 Bonus CP


The overall concept is to look to maximize the impact of the Exalted Keeper the Charm, Allure, and some Hellstriders nearby she will be at -3 to hit making her rather difficult to kill (and the -1 to be hit in shooting will help her survive early). It should be pretty easy to always have 10 models near her so Supremely Vain should make her hit like a truck and hopefully mitigate enemy magic a bit. 

Meanwhile, the Seekers will tear down a flank at Mach 2 to do their thing and the knights will act as an anvil (which is why I chose swords, their role is to be in combat and stay in combat)

DPs will prioritize charging into units with multi-wound models to start farming depravity while being a general nuisance. 

Thoughts? Cheers!


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