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For sale UK - Highelves, Woodelves, Battlefleet Gothic, Epic!


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Trying for a big clear out again (tried a few times but on US heavy sites so few from the UK to take notice or offer viable offers). Got a selection here that I'm out to get rid of, please do drop me a message if you're interest and we can come to an agreement on prices, postage and all the rest :)


For sale 
4 boxes Sisters of Thorn each £18
Woodelves Treeman Ancient £27 
Wood Elves Eternal Guard/Wild Rangers £18

1 High Elves flamespyre/frostheart Phoenix £30 
1 High Elves Lothern Skycutter £27
4 High Elves White Lion/Swifthawk Agents Chariot each £16 
2 Dragon Princes (Dragon Blades) each £15

 20 Sea Guard £20 (14 regular, 2 standard, 2 horns, 2 champions)

10 Reavers £25 (none glued, one or two partly snapfit together) 

I've also got the contents from two of the old High Elf boxed sets (cavalry, chariot and spearmen). Most of these are clipped off the sprue in bags so I'd rather sell it in one go. IF anyone is interested drop me a message and I'll dig it out to fully confirm the contents and agree upon a price for the lot. 

BFG - £180 all or open to offers for individual items:

Original Game manual, fleet sheets, the counters (torps, fighters, moons, asteroid, explosions), getting started guide (with its short comic), 12 green dice (regular size), a sheet of fleet name stickers (imperial and chaos) - as which came within the boxed set. 

5 Imperial Cruisers in various configurations 
4 Cobra 
3 Sword (two pegs a bit damaged, might just need a clean up to be reattached) 
3 Firestorm 

1 Battle Barge (peg snapped off in base so needs new stand and redrill) 
1 Space Marined Strike Cruiser 

1 Blackstone Fortress (peg snapped off in base so needs new stand and redrill)(Top section is also not glued down so it can be shown as in the photo or with the top segment rotated) 

3 Chaos cruisers in various configurations (As shown its the little sticks sticking down where there is a little damage, considering their placement you could easily trim them down to repair that issue - also for some reason I've no flight stands for them). 

Hordes Legion of Everblight - old starter with the shredders and carny! 

Epic: I've got a selection of old Titan legions manuals/Epic40K as well as models (space marine and Imperial) which I'd be up for selling too if anyone is interested drop me a message too. 

Note if anyone lurks on Dakka or the Hive you'll have seen me list most of this before - sadly I've yet to have any buyers. A few interested parties but no sales. I've no problem taking extra photos on request with date markers (newspaper) or other oddities to prove ownership. 




















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@Positivevictim its all new in the box unless otherwise stated (photos in the spoiler- they are a touch old so show a few things not up for sale) - the content isn't the Isle of Blood but is the old Battleforce set. However now you mention I do believe I have some reaverss and might have some seaguard (I'd have to dig through to find out if I've got the latter).

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Good news! I found 20 Sea Guard (14 regular, 2 standard, 2 horns, 2 champions) and 10 Reavers.  Note that the reavers are not assembled though a handful are lightly pushed together and would only require a bit of careful prising to separate (or can be push fit together with a bit of glue and then cleaned up)

I've not shown the square bases for them (I'm assuming you'll put them on the rounder bases for modern AoS use?) but if you want them I can dig out sufficient bases for them as well.

I would say £20 for the Reavers and £25 for the Sea Guard and (as said above) Skycutter £32 

Total 20+25+32 = £77 and I would say £82 including paypal and postage. If that sounds fair drop me a private message and we can chat further. 



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