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Balloon Dwarf

Completing the Soul Wars Boxset

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I recently picked up the Starter Set and am just wondering if anyone knows the best way to expand the units to Matched Play sizes? Both SCE and Nighthaunt sides of things.  

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For SCE it is 1 more soul wars box, 1 box of sequitors, 1 castelan +birdog,1 box of evocators, 1 start collecting SCE model and a box of judicators. Gives 25 sequitors, 10 evocators, which can be the core of a lot of SCE lists.  The rest stuff is heros, or variation. If you want evocators on ape horses you want them and the special character to lead them. If you want fulminators, heraldors and hammer special character celestant is a nice addition. All SCE sooner or later buy a star drake, because it is both awesome looking and a great unit.

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Yeah that's a good plan. 

First step is a second Soul Wars box.  If you're keen on competitiveness you can try to sell off all the Castigators (I'm a moron so I'm painting mine, and even bought the EtB kit on top of it).  You could also try to sell off the 2nd Lord Arcanum, you won't probably ever need more than 1.  You get 6 Evocators, so if you feel like flexing your hobby muscles, try converting the 6th Evocator into an extra Knight-Incantor. 

Next step is 1 or two boxes of Judicators, that will get you to 3 battleline (2x5Judicators, one blob of Sequitors).  Then you'll want some of the support heroes (common choices are Castellant, Ordinator, Heraldor, Azyros).  Finally you'll want to top up Sequitors and Evocators so that you can get to 20 Sequitors (with enough greatmaces) and 10 Evocators.

At that point you're pretty much there.  And by then hopefully you've got enough experience to be able to suss out which direction you'd like to take things on your own (deeper dive into Sacrosanct, diverge into Extremis/Stardrakes, etc.)


ETA:  No idea on the NH side.  I got rid of mine within seconds of buying the box.

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For Nighthaunt, buying a second Soul Wars box would be more annoyance than assistance, as this would leave you with doubles of all the characters, all of which besides the Guardian of Souls you will only really need one of. The Glaivewraith Stalkers are fielded in units of 4, the Grimghast Reapers in 10. Far better to grab 2x Tempest of Souls and flog the Stormcast and Lord Executioners- this will give you a legal unit of 10 Reapers (with two left over), a legal unit of 12 Stalkers (with, annoyingly, three left over) and a legal unit of 40 Chainrasps. You can use the leftover models for conversions or hang onto them in case you can barter them or grab extra models to increase their numbers.

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My friend and I split on the new stuff, Stormcast for me and Nighthaunt for him. To finish our armies, combined we got:

1 Soul Wars Box

1 Tempest of Souls box

1 Cairn Wraith

1 Nighthaunt Tormented Spirits

1 box of Hexwraiths

1 box of Evocators

1 Lord Veritant

2 boxes of Spirit Host

1 Easy to build Glaivewraith Stalkers

1 Easy to build Sequitors

And that brought us up to about 2k each with battalions. Im sure adding in the Black Coach and/or Olynder is a good idea for Nighthaunt too


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I only got one soul wars for the stormcast half. Didn't like the etb models much so didn't get a second one.

I didn't build two of the castigors or two sequitors with shields. (These will likely be converted to terrain bits)

I picked up the sequitors box and made 5 sword/shield, 1 prime with the cache and mace, 4 greatmaces.

Picked up two boxes of evocators, made 1 prime dual wield, 5 grandstaves, 4 dual wield, and 1 knight-incantor.

With these additions I plan to run Sequitors like this:

5 Sequitors (2 great maces, 3 maces, cache)

10 Sequitors (5 great maces, 5 swords)

And evocators as either of these two options:

2x 5 man (3 dw, 2 staves)


1x 10man (5/5 split)

So either the extra prime sits out or the extra stave.

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I think the OP's question was how to get the units up to legal match play size, not what to buy next for the army.

I have the same frustration in that there is no box of 6 Reapers to complete a unit so if you buy more reapers, these will go to waste and they gave you one extra stalker so he will always be on left out.  

I wish they had some supplemental sets to complete these units.  I also wish that they would sell Chaingheists without having to get another Spirit Torment (love the models but now I have two ST's and two Chaingheists where I really want 4-6 Chaingheists and most times will only run 1 ST).

I am hoping for Mymourn Banshee variants as well. I  am wanting to field between 12-16 of them but don't want them all to be identical easy to build kits.  I picked up the EtB Stalker kit and want more but not of the exact same model on the same bases if at all possible.

I absolutely love the Nighthaunt range and I am super happy with the models so far but I am hoping for some variants on these core units and would love the above mentioned "completion" packs to fill out the units in the Soulwars box.

I have not looked at the Stormcast part yet but I am sure a number of units in there have similar issues.

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For nighthaunt in soul wars, the stalkers and executioner are not as optimal as the other heroes. You could run 2x10 chainrap as battleline and buy a few boxes of reapers or bladegheist to fill your ranks. 1 or 2 boxes od myrnmourn are a great staple for any list. 1 named hero of your liking can be great as well.

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