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Ripsnikk's Raiders Battalion



Quick question.

Is the Ripsnikk's Raiders battalion from the spire of dawn set legal for matched play? They have a point value (80) and are not from a compendium source. 

I saw someone ask about it a while back without a clear answer, so I figured I'd see if I could get one myself ;) Any insight appreciated!

For the record, I assume it's not available, but I would love to be mistaken.

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Corrected: Spire of dawn, not island of blood.
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Edit: You’d need to use the Spire of Dawn version as the Island Of Blood version never had points.

Well. It hasn’t ever been in a GHB or other source that was errata’d into non-existence.

It is “borderline” but from a technical standpoint I don’t see a reason that it can’t be used. (It meets the same requirements that the unique Warhammer World  Stormcast model does ... points on the Warscroll. Etc.)

You will want to have a copy of it available in your game as it isn’t commonly available and was only ever a printed publication.

As a side note: The other units on that Pitched Battle Profile appear to have all been updated.

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