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Seraphon for Sale


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Decided I don't want to play OP stuff anymore. Ideally I'd want to sell this in one transaction but I'll listen to any offers. I'm based in the UK. All of it is painted, bar the Sunblood; some stuff painted very well, the rest painted to a respectable tabletop standard. The only form of trade I am interested in is for Witch Aelves/Sisters of Slaughter.

Oldblood on Carnosaur

Bastiladon (obviously not the snake version)

Lord Kroak

Slann Starmaster (metal)

Sunblood - Unpainted

Eternity Warden

Astrolith Bearer

Skink Priest w/ priestly trappings

Skink Starpriest

20 Saurus Guard, bearing roman style parma shields (got them on ebay - I suppose the previous owner was doing roman lizards?)

5 Chameleon Skinks

5 Saurus Knights

12 Saurus Warriors

Feel free to ask any questions.

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