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Of Demons, Daughters and Ghosts


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So, here I´ll post finished and work in progress miniatures, mostly Age of Sigmar related, but small doses of 40K and Blood Bowl, too.

An element which that all armys have in common, is the colour purple.

In my collection thus far are:
~2000 pts Nighthaunt
~1000 pts Daughters of Khaine
~500 pts Hosts of Slaanesh

~750 pts Emperors Children
Elfheim Eagles Blood Bowl Team, a.k.a. the Minnesang Vikings (will be named and colored after the Minnesota Vikings, one of my favorite NFL Teams)

Recently, I spend most of my time with painting the Nighthaunt, so expect many purple ghosts in the next time.

2018-03-10 09.59.29.jpg

2018-03-19 00.28.31.jpg

2018-04-17 01.09.52.jpg

2018-06-07 22.19.35.jpg

2018-07-07 12.23.31.jpg

2018-07-07 14.55.44.jpg

2018-07-11 13.02.03.jpg

2018-08-01 21.41.19.jpg

2018-08-04 00.34.40.jpg

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