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Questward: An RPG Podcast in the Age of Sigmar

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Hail and Well Met!


If you love tabletop RPGs and Warhammer, I'd love to share a podcast with you all that a few friends and I have been working on; Questward is an Actual Play podcast taking place in the Age of Sigmar.

In a format similar to Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, tune in every other week to follow the adventures of the Warrior Priest Iver, Shadow Warriors Feryl, and mysterious doctor Reedis Marrow as they explore the Realm of Ghur. Tasked with escorting a captured Chaos Lord for execution at the city of Bastionne, they will face countless hardships along the way.

We try to balance the tone between dramatic and comedic so we hope you'll enjoy listening to us every other Wednesday! Tune in and paint some minis! :)

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/questward/id1373087389?mt=2



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Alright - your resident dice clowns are back for a few more episodes. We just launched episode 11 and would love to get some feedback from the community. Please give us a listen and - if willing - help us out with a review on iTunes. 

We play Fate Core RPG until the true AoS RPG system comes out. We have a party of a Shadow Warrior, Warrior Priest, and filthy bonesaw doctor. Currently adventuring in the Realm of Ghur!

iTunes (Reviews and Subs are appreciated)

Hope you'll give us a listen - we usually launch new episodes every other Wednesday so we can be your Warhammer Wednesday painting excuse :P

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