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Building VLoZD or Vhordrai: same miniature???


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I just build my first zombie dragon. I so like it (and so $$££€€ cheap compared to a new SCE tauralon which is smaller).

But the rider???? I'd like to be able to play both Vhordrai and Vampire lord. But it seems that there is no official look to Vhordray. How to build the rider miniature to be able to OFFICIALY play both char?

- is it just a matter of name on the list?

- what weapon should I glue? The lance looks good , is it the best option? (same question for head/shield etc..)

any advice is welcome. Thx in advance

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Vhodrai is just a named Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon.  Pick whichever head you like for the rider, no issues.

Only thing is that Vhodrai uses a lance, not a sword.  So if you want the mini to represent Vhodrai or a generic vampire lord interchangably, use the lance.

With the speed of the dragon, you will normally get the charge, and in that case the lance is better anyway.

Make sure to give him a shield for that sweet 3+ save!

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Pro Tip: angle the lance down when you are gluing, rather than up .  Makes transport MUCH easier.  from the rider's perspective, that is the right hand angling the lance down and to the left, across and over the top of the the dragon's head.  I don't have a picture on me right now, but if I remember I will post one later.

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Also the rider doesn't really need to be glued to his seat. His armor grips the front of the saddle and keeps him in place, even if you turn the whole thing upside down. Also makes it even easier to transport, and you can use the ZD without rider if you ever want to do that.

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I was indeed planing on not gluing the character on the ZD:

1. to be able to use the dragon only (but rarely)

2. to be able to put some other char on it (I'll try normal VL and Manfred -I have 2 kits of mortarch...- ...)

3 for transport indeed.

But anyway, thx for your inputs, guys.

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