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The Ophidian Empire - Undead in AOS - 'Completed' Project.


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Hi all,


I'm a long-time member of warseer who's been occasionally popping here for AOS news etc since the advent of the handbook. With warseer down indefinitely I created an account here so I can continue my project log, hopefully keeping me motivated. I'm also participating in the season of war on Hobby Hammer and am considering entering the painting competition on Mengel's blog.

I'm returning to the game following time away wanted to give it a fair crack, so didn't want to revisit/age of sigmar-ise my old elven armies in case it brought up any hang-ups (or didn't take).

I'll use this post as a compendium of what's done so far. I managed to knock out the vast majority of the army in about 2 weeks (which with the undead isn't as intensive as it sounds); as I wanted to get the odd game in for the season/handbook release. The painting is hopefully at a decent gaming standard and I'm hoping to have a solid 1000-2000 point force painted.











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And post two - a follow up on what's done. After this comes stuff I'm currently working on -  the black knights and skellies from the start collecting kit (both are pretty close to completion) and then will tackle the Mortarch (am assembling, it's a very tricky kit).


My general - 23rdvamp3.jpg




And a unit (mob? herd?) of zombies



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On 25 July 2016 at 2:29 AM, Grimnaud said:

If you did all that in two weeks I can only say great job! Welcome to the forum, and keep up the good work!

Thanks very much, near enough two, yeah.


More stuff, will have to do another double post. Completed stuff - Knights, 10 skellies, deputy vamp. Getting into my Montarch kit.

Stand-in general (who probably looks a bit better than the real one...). She's not quite up to scratch, will update it in here.




IMO - the black knights kit isn't up to scratch, loads of soft detail, odd proportions (the size of the feet!) and features blending into one another. They look alright painted but I'm dreading another batch of them. 




10 spear skellies done (a couple need shields stuck on)


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So, a very WIP Mortarch and the steps taken to get to where I am with it. Needs more of interest on the base and nothing is done bar the red on the collar (which needs a tidy - just did the last highlight to it and over-ran quite a lot, so will neaten).









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Bit more done on Nef, her throne is complete, most base layers are on the queen herself and her skin is shaded. Will update that when a little more is done.

10 more spearmen - doubt they'll see too much action.



A necromancer - got him as a freebie with Dark Omen when it was released back in the '90's, he's been well overdue a paint job...IMG_1880.jpg


Garden of Morr started



Some group shots



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  • 2 weeks later...

A bit more done.

I really enjoyed painting the wraith, it was quick (30 mins or so, not including drying) and pleasantly messy. Did some really rough drybrushed highlights on the cloak - started with a gentle dark grey/very dark brown (in a smaller quantity) all over, then the edges with incubi dark and kabalite green. The edges weren't too raised so it was pretty messy. Did a wash and a few glazes of chaos black/lahiman medium everywhere which tidied up quickly and well.


Also tried some blending techniques that I've only ever tried on Nef and the paler vampire before, but in a different kind of way - was  going for a rising out of a broken grave effect. Basically wet blends/transitions from black-grey to white, then a wash of ice blue and nihloux-whatever oxide, tidying up the transitions and a lahiman-weakened white highlight. The effect (and the cloak colours) look a lot better in real life, the phone pix don't really show them too well. 

Also had a good time with the blade using some weathering powders. Wish there were more of these minis/they came as a unit.






Then knocked out another 10 zombies, they're just summoning filler really (or to bring the unit up to 30) and unremarkable


Another army shot. the board is filling nicely. After the next 5 black knights I have nothing left to actually paint, and no plans to add anything more than another 10 ghouls for the foreseeable future.



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New stuff o.O


The new Legions of Nagash book has had me dig out the army again.  Bought the book, and also a unit of Morghast, will be going for a Legion of Blood force, one peeved at the new DOK for knicking their snake cult background. Will try and get some games in with it while I work on my Stormcast project.

I've finished the next 5 knights and started on another 10 ghouls. After the ghouls and Morghast are done, not sure what else will be added, hope to start gaming this year and this is my only painted army, so that will likely influence things. Would like some grave guard, but want to secure some Tomb Guard heads for them, which doesn't look like will happen anytime soon.




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  • 1 month later...

So got quite a lot done recently, including games. 5/5 victories so far with Legions of Nagash, but nothing to do with canny generalship, most have been multiplayer games where all I've had to do is be resilient and hold the flanks, not a problem when you have a horde army. Have had a lot of fun with Malign Portents, will certainly continue gaming regularly after. 2 shots from one game - holding the flank with Nef a bit more central amongst the chaos stuff- for debuffs and cover, there are some cannons out of shot opposite my knights.  IMG_3500.jpg.30ef79304174d2525c13789b53978431.jpg




Both Skellie regiments are up to thirty now, will get pics when varnished. Bought the new munitorium stuff, so will be going over everything with that now they're getting out and about, will do some 'before and afters' for anyone curious.

Extra 10 ghouls done, will do a full unit shot with the others when varnished IMG_3514.jpg.71948417270364028dc6cf703f156e70.jpg

Morghast sub-assemblies and undercoat - need a manoeuvrable heavy hitter, haven't been impressed with them when others have used them though so the juries out. Looking forward to painting them, sod to build but gorgeous.



And bought the malignants start collecting...

Spirit Hosts wip.


Very simple scheme, another wash then a drybrush of white to finish.


Also repainted Nefs face, wasn't happy with the initial job. Will also have a touch-up of the mini in general and finish the black and ethereal bits, have come on a bit since painting it a couple years back. Also made her more stable through gluing a hind leg to some scenic basing, she wobbled like mad previously.


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More done this morning/afternoon.


Hosts done, minus grass on the basing. Not gone for much decoration on the basis, as contrasted with the stormcast. This is more of a gaming/campaigning army and want to avoid breakage - keeping things simple on that front helps, especially with the new style GW cases



Progress on a morgast. So easy, all washes besides one (well two thin coats) layer of Dheneb Stone on the non ethereal parts and one of liche purple for the armour plating. Left it there for today to allow for drying.




Have got varnishing, good chunk done. 


Rate the new spray higher than the old purity seal - no running of colours for me which is huge, if anything  highlights are starker than before, no loss of detail and very little change of texture. It does strip gloss away hugely, more than expected - see the previously blood for the blood god covered Zombie on the right now with a dull dry red. Takes a lot of the wet look from heavy washes too. The gems on the second vamp were ok due to being covered in gloss varnish, though could do with a another layer of it now. Very impressed to summise.

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Cheers for that summary, after some bad experiences with spray varnish in the past (of all kinds - it's always humid in Ireland and you can't get Testor's easily :() I've been keeping an eye out for impressions of the new stuff.

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14 hours ago, Tommy said:

Cheers for that summary, after some bad experiences with spray varnish in the past (of all kinds - it's always humid in Ireland and you can't get Testor's easily :() I've been keeping an eye out for impressions of the new stuff.

Honestly I recommend the munitorium varnish at least for a test run, and I didn't like the purity seal/am not a stickler for gw supplies. My family is from Kerry and London where I am at the moment isn't dissimilar in terms of humidity. So long as it isn't rainy/too hot or cold (and I do mean extremes of either) and you keep your passes in a consistent direction (was always moving my can rightwards from about 30cm away in small bursts) the results have been as described.  This video might help

Should add in retrospect it seems to change the finish on my golds a little, though not negatively, not sure if that's because the rest of my metallics are so dull so don't show- something to bear in mind. None of the other non gloss colours seem affected at all which is brilliant but I'd be wary of doing stormcast  or something with either gloss shades,blood for the blood god or bright metallics without a test first .

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  • 4 weeks later...

Still plugging away. Second Morgast has been started, there's more done on the first I haven't taken a pic of yet. In addition, finished up the spirit hosts (a little tidying and bases).


Additionally have gotten a way into a Konrad Von C I had lying arounf, highlights, basing etc yet to be done.


Couple more pics from another game, multiplayer. Legion did the business again.


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On 4/28/2018 at 7:26 PM, Tommy said:

Haha, check out the single square baser in the first shot trying to look inconspicuous! :ph34r:

 That he is! Couldn't quite bear to rebase all the survivors from the old world, he stays as a reminder. Nice to see TGA being more observant than local tournaments xD


More progress

This pic was a couple of days ago, just to prove the spirit hosts are done. Nef is also basically fully updated now, will take better pics of her at the end.


Come close to finishing the Morghasts and Konrad since.




Konrad needs more blood (varnish took some shine off and his gems done.)



Morgast work was mainly on the golds and purple armour, with some tidying elsewhere. Gems need finishing, eyes need to pop more, everything needs a highlight and the purple armour needs a tidy prehighlight to boot. Tempted to leave the helmets off.

Army so far. Everything has been varnished now (besides the Morghast I'm still working on). Couple of minis could do with a fresh batch of gloss on gems or blood (for the zombies and konrad). Boards looking pretty full though, and that's without most of the garden of Morr. Not sure the board itself looks wonky, didn't edit the pic in any way.






Boards looking pretty full, not sure how I'm going to fit the new additions being assembled ('completed' project, hah) and that's without most of the garden of Morr. Not sure why the board itself looks wonky, didn't edit the pic in any way.

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  • 5 months later...

Armies never really get completed do they ?

I did end up finishing the Morghast and Konrad, can dig them up if anyone is keen, otherwise they'll probably pop up again when I close the project. Have failed to regularly game though, despite really enjoying it. Back to painting, as I'm changing my list to make it softer and less horde-y. I don't think I'm a slow player but you can only move 120+ models so fast, and a change is always fun.


WIP on some new stuff. Hexwraiths, Wight King 2, Banshee, Coven Throne/Other things whose name I can't remembe. rHaven't painted in a long while, and none of the units pictured are likely to see regular use, so a good opportunity to clown about with washes and practise blends.



I have a wave of (pre 2nd Ed/Nighthaunt book) ghostly stuff to do,  though have some of the new easy-to-builds (yet to be assembled). Will also be working on scenery for this project - have older terrain that I want to refresh and new stuff that's been neglected.

Looking forward to treating myself to Soul Wars when I start my new job, that should conclude the project (again!) nicely for the near future. Though i do really want a Zombie Dragon... 

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Bit more done on the wraiths, they look a bit less like ice lollies. nice and quick to paint. But not near done yet.


Thinning down incubi darkness has done 90% of this stage, have also done a couple of washes elsewhere (flesh-shade predominantly). Will be washing the the flames, metals/blades, woods and leathers next (along with deeper recesses on the bone like eye sockets).  Then going back to glazes/blends and transitions on the robes/barding, followed by kabalite green highlights. Then a light grey drybrush across robes and flames - if they're a bit stark will do further glazes. Doubt I'll make much effort highlighing elsewhere, my shades will be deep enough to make it moot.


Thinning down incubi darkness has done 90% of this stage, have also done a couple of washes elsewhere (flesh-shade predominantly). Will be washing the the flames, blades, woods and leathers next (along with deeper recesses on the bone like eye sockets)

WKing2 and Banshee a bit further behind progress-wise. Leaving the throne for now

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Quite a lot more done today, bad weather and lots of football on helps with that.

A good deal more on the hexwraiths - they're not done mind


They haven't had the highlight that will hopefully tie the transitions on the robes together - that's the biggest part and the lighting wasn't good enough today.

 The flames aren't done, lots of little things need touching up, wood needs finishing as does bone and basing. Probably only a couple of hours work mind.



I've got the brick and plasterwork done on the warscyrer/skullvane manse. Used plaster to cover up the skulls chipped into the rocks. For those on the fence about buying it - it was a pain to put together - the plastic is a bit springier and more pvc like than I expect from gw, the detail isn't too soft but there are (very rare) smooth smooshed parts, it's a pain to file, a real pain to assemble and there were a lot of gaps to fill. 


A bit further with the second Wight King, not too happy with how he's looking



And  finally the Coven Throne has had a layer of bone (while I was waiting for the first layer to try on the terrain, this is going pretty smoothly so far (though was also a pest to assemble).




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  • 2 weeks later...

So, quite a bit done since I was last on. Here's the two characters and skullvane manse, all still WIP




Here you can see where I plastered over the skull stuff carved into the rock. Note to anyone thinking similar, use filler instead, you'll be handling the kit a lot when painting and plaster is just too fragile.




Don't like these two too much, still a bit to go on each, just doing a rough n'ready on them because it's always better to slap some paint on.






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This lot get their own post because it feels like they've taken forever (probably haven't though). All the organic bits (wood, bone) still need a last highlight. One or two of the highlights on there need tidying too.







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