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Best way to start collecting Idoneth Deepkin towards 2000pts

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I have been thinking of someday to start collecting Idoneth Deepkin. 

Any opinions and thoughts how one should start building them towards the 2000pts team?

Ty in advance! ?

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You’d best ask in the AoS2 Deepkin thread, but from what I understand it depends on if you want mainly Namarti or Akhelians.

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I'm right in the middle of doing this! My goal is to get a 2000 point army of models I like (which is all of them really!) painted up as quickly as possible, so I wanted a low model count with plenty variety and came up with:

Akhelian King - 240 (lets you use eel riders as battleline)
Eidolon of the Storm - 400
Tidecaster - 100
10 Thralls - 140 (battleline)
6 Morsarr Guard eel riders - 320 (battleline)
6 Iashalen Guard eel riders - 280 (battleline)
Shark - 140
Turtle - 380

27 models total and I can always add more infantry later etc. if I like. It's not gonna be super-optimal in terms of effectiveness but eels are reportedly very good so it should be quite playable.

That's just my approach though, speaking more generally I'd say have a good think about the end result you'd most like for yourself (you'll be happier with that than with copying someone else too closely) and break it down into manageable chunks that will get you there!

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