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Optimal Percentage of Points in Battle Host


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I am throwing together various lists for an upcoming 2000 point tournament.  My question to you guys is where do you find the optimal percentage of points spent on leaders versus other areas?

In my Chaos army I am looking at running the following:

  • The Glottkin
  • Lord of Change
  • Daemon Prince
  • 30 Plaguebearers
  • 6 Plaguedrones

That comes out to about 1640 points and fulfills my three battleline choices too.  Do you feel that by adding another leader (Orghotts Daemonspew) is ill-advised when I could add something along the lines of Chaos Knights, Flamers of Tzeentch, or other various units I have.

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I think that given what leader role units can offer in so many different ways it's going to be pretty common to see all 6 slots taken up at 2000 points.

They give out nice buffs, are pretty strong, have interesting once per battle abilities and are often required for battleplans in some form.

That said, I made a list myself that I think devotes too many points to leaders (but that's because I need to to make up 2000 points painted).

So I guess it'll be common to see people fill up the 6 slots but not try to throw too many points in there.

I mean it is also possible that you'll see lists with 3 stardrakes but that's probably just for the cool, fun factor.

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