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[CombatSimulator] Would you use this App?

App to simulate combat between two units  

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  1. 1. Would you use an App that let's you simulate on the fly an entire round of combat between two units?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes, but only if it's SUPER simple to use it
    • Yes, but probably not that often

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Hello everybody, I'm Pistacchio and with a friend of mine we are developing a phone App to simulate a round of combat between two given unit.

Basically the user, through a very nice and simple user interface, would have to select two models, set the units sizes, weapons utilized and some other external factors like  bonus/malus, rerolls, pile up etc., and then press a button.  After a bunch of seconds he would see on the phone a chart representing the distribution of the results of over 100 (or more) simulations between the two selected units.

The algorithm of the simulation takes into account every aspect a round of combat, including abilities, champions, standard bearers, phases etc...

It really does everything you would do during the game.


So, since we are deciding right now wether to keep developing this app or not, we would like to know if people would actually use something like this.


Thanks for any kind of feedback you can give us!

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