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The way I read it, victory is still point-dependent. So if you wipe out your opponent but can't score enough points to tie or beat his/her score by the end of the game, it looks like a major victory for the now-armyless player.

However, if you tie in points, the wiper wins a minor victory.

At least, this is how I read the victory conditions.

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On 7/23/2016 at 0:52 PM, mmimzie said:

so then would you get to play your last x number of turns rapid fire??

Yea - you wipe them out turn 3 or 4 then you have whatever is left to move and score.  There's no more variable game end and it's always 5 turns.  Honestly if they're focused on killing they may not be in a good position to grab objectives late game.

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