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Converting castigators to judicators w/ crossbows

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So I got two soul wars' worth of castigators. I want to make them into viable deepstrike battle line, Judicators with crossbows. I'm thinking of:

Rotating the vertical "bendy parts" of the crossbows to be horizontal instead.

Removing the bombs at the tip of the bows (and from the hand of the champion).

Perhaps adding sword, pike, or bolt tips from the bits box at the end to represent a resting/ready bolt.

I'm not adding any lightning iconography nor the front pavisse.

Do you feel that this is enough to be okay against all adversaries?

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Yeah, stop teasing us and show some pics!!

Wait, that sounds wrong, what I mean is you need to provide pics, you cant just tempt us onto a thread with an alluring title....

No wait, I mean.....



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