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2 X Skink Starpriest

Astrolith Bearer

Scar-vet on Cold One

Old Blood on Foot

Engine of the Gods


Old Blood on Carnosaur

Scar Vet on Carnosaur

2 X Bastilidon

24 X Saurus Warriors

15 X Saurus Knights

96 X Skinks

10 X Chameleon Skinks

6 X Ripperdactyl

3 X Kroxigor

Salamander and handlers



Warden King




2 X Cannon

1 X Organ Gun

32 X Warriors

40 X Quarellers 

C. 20 X Thunderers

10 X Arkanauts


Slaves to Darkness and Chaos Misc

Lord on Manticore


Gore Chariot

50 X Chaos Warrior

15 X Chaos Knights

20 X Marauders

10 X Blood Warriors

3 X Dragon Ogres

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17 hours ago, Duke of Gisoreux said:

Total 275000 +43000

What the actual f**k :D That is insane, I love it :)

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Alright, will try to remember all my SCE correctly

Celestant Prime
LC on Stardrake
LC on Dracoth/Vandus Hammerhand
LC on foot
Gavriel Sureheart
LA on Taularon
LA on Gryph-Charger
LA on Dracoline/Astreia Solbright
LA on foot
Lord Aquilor

Other lords:
2 Castellants 
2 Relictors

2 Heraldors
Zephyros/Neave Blacktalon
3 Incantors

60 Liberators
35 Judicators
40 Sequitors
15 Vanguard-Hunters

4 magnetised Dracothian Guards
15 Retributors
10 Decimators
10 Protectors
33 Prosecutors
15 Evocators on foot
18 Castigators
2 Celestar Ballistas
6 Longstrike Raptors
6 Hurricane Raptors
12 Aetherwings
3 Vanguard Palladors
8 Gryph hounds
Steelheath Champions
The Farstriders

Endless Spells:
Dais Arcanum
Everblaze Comet
Celestian Vortex

Total: 13720 points

Flesh-Eater Courts:

Crypt Haunter Courtier
Crypt Infernal Courtier
Crypt Ghast Courtier
2 Varghulf Courtiers

90 Ghouls
6 Crypt Horrors
6 Crypt Flayers
9 Magnetised Horrors/Flayers

Endless Spells:
Chalice of Ushoran
Cadaverous Barricade
Corpsemare Stampede

Total: 3760 points

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Posted (edited)

Some of these collections are mind blowing!  You see I have a medical condition wherein I pick my 2-3 different armies and stick with those forever.  For example, I've played Tyranids in 40k for 16 years.  Sometimes I wonder what I'm missing when all the shiny new toys pass me by but then my wallet comes over with cookies and a "Thank You!" card and I feel better!  

That said all of my AoS stuff was purchased since the game launched.  In 3 years I have picked up 3 new armies so perhaps I'm not immune to the pretty new toys as I think!  Anyways, here I go.

Seraphon (my main army) - 7310pts

Lord Kroak



Astrolith Bearer

Eternity Warden


Oldblood on Carnosaur

Scar-Vet on Cold One

2 Skink Chiefs

3 Skink Priests

2 Skink Starpriests

1 Chameleon Skink Stalker

6 Celestial Swarms

2 Stegadons



Engine of the Gods

6 Kroxigors

21 Skink Handlers

4 Razordons

3 Salamanders

20 Chameleon Skinks

80 Skinks

75 Saurus Warriors

24 Saurus Knights

25 Saurus Guard

3 Ripperdactyls

6 Terradons


Free Peoples (the good people of Hogsface) - 3550pts

8 Battlemages

3 Excelsior Warpriests

3 Freeguild Generals

General on Griffon

Witch Hunter

30 Archers

10 Crossbowmen

35 Freeguild Guard

20 Greatswords

6 Demigryphs

Luminark of Hysh

Steam Tank

Beasts of Chaos (my new army) - 1450pts


2 Bray-shamans

20 Bestigors

20 Gors

20 Ungor Raiders

2 Chaos Gargants

2 Tuskgor Chariots

2 Razorgors


BoC Endless Spells

Edited by Kamose
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Have to make a full list but here is so far what I can recall from my mind:

Blades of Khorne:
Mighty Lord
2 Slaughterpriests
Deamon Prince of Khorne
40 Reaver
40 Bloodletters
9 Bloodcrushers
Soul Grinder (have a second one but not Khorny painted)
5 Blood Warriors

Slaves to Darkness:
Lord / Sorcerer Lord on Manticore
Sorcerer Lord on Horse
Sorcerer Lord
Lord on deamonic Mount
Slaaneshi Lord on Daemonic Mount
Lord of Chaos
5 Knights with Glaives
30 Warriors with 2 Handweapons
10 Chosen
2 Chariots
Soul Grinder (the other one, as ally)
Daemon Prince of Chaos (Kitbash from DP Kit and a Gorebeast, unmarked)
Daemon Prince of Nurgle (Old GUO Model)
Daemon Prince of Slaanesh (Actually its the current KoS Model)

Beside of this I also bought this mondays the Ogors from a Friend:
Tyrrant (Kitbash, great club)
11 Ogors
8 Leadbelchers
9 Ironguts
8 Maneaters
2 Gorgers
2 Aleguzzer Gargants
1 Ironblaster
2 Scraplauncher
4 Mournfang Riders
3 Sabertooth Doggos
1 Thundertusk Beastriders

Also I have 6 Fellwater Troggoth in the Sprue that I am concidering to either add to this force or to sell.
And, almost forgott about them: SCE!
1 Lord Arcanum on Featherpony
2 Knight Incantors
1 Lord Ordinator
1 Lord Relictor
9 Concussors
20 Sequitors
10 Liberators
5 Retributors
5 Evocators
3 Ballistas
+Endless Spells

Reading all this feels like I have a major plastic crack issue as I started a year ago with the hobby...

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Rather then list every model as it will take too long I have 

World Eaters, Horus Heresy - 9000 Points
Sylvaneth, Age of Sigmar, 5300 Points
Death Guard, Warhammer 40k, 4000 points
Middle Earth, Gondor + Mordor, 5000 points

Around 23,000 points worth of stuff.

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The Conflagration of Buttery Tears:

Lord of Change--Tenebriel Lorebreaker

Daemon Prince--Dichotomedes

Daemon Prince--Acerbicus

Daemon Prince--Vitrilogos

Herald on Foot x2

Herald on Disc x3

Herald on Chariot x1


Gaunt Summoner

Ogroid Thaumaturge

Tzaangor Shaman


20 Kairic Acolytes

20 Tzaangors

30 Pink Horrors

45 Blue Horrors

30 Brimstone Horrors

6 Tzaangor Skyfires

6 Tzaangor Enlightened on Foot

12 Flamers

9 Screamers

3 Burning Chariots

2 Exalted Flamers




I also have 12000 points of Orcs and Goblins by 8th Edition points. They shall remain on square bases and unused for the foreseeable future.

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