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Cool idea for a thread! I started collecting about 18 months ago (roughly a month after the release of the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC for Total War: Warhammer - coincidence?)


1 Nomad Prince

1 Darkoath Warqueen converted to be a 'Nomad Prince'

2 Spellweavers

1 Sisters of Twilight on Forest Dragon

1 Shadowdancer

1 Glade Lord on Elven Steed

1 Glade Lord with Sword and Spear

1 Wayfinder

1 Waystrider

2 Waywatchers (Hero)

15 Waywatchers (unit)

30 Wardancers

30 Eternal Guard

30 Sisters of the Watch

10 Sisters of the Thorn

10 Wild Riders


I started to run out of Warhammer Wood Elves to collect so now I also have some of GW's LOTR Wood Elves... and some Rohan because Rohan.

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Okay, let's see...

Orcs&Goblins (my old 5E WHFB army, from memory)

  • Orc warlord on boar
  • Orc warlord (converted)
  • Orc big boss
  • Orc shaman
  • Night goblin shaman
  • 9 boar boyz (+unassembled musician I never bothered with, musicians were pretty worthless in 5e)
  • 20 black orcs (plastic monopose with metal command)
  • 23 orc boyz with spears and shields (plastic regiment)
  • 29 night goblins with spears and shields (plastic regiment)
  • Handful of other night goblins and boyz, most of which I was going to use for Mordheim but never did
  • 3 night goblin fanatics (metal)
  • Goblin wolf chariot
  • 3 river trolls (metal)
  • Manticore (came with some necromancer rider, but manticores were on the generic monster list any army could take back then)
  • 4 monopose orc boyz and 4 monopose arrer boyz (first greenskin box I bought, first minis I painted)


  • 2 Beastlords (Avatars of War metal one, and unassembled GW resin one)
  • Great bray shaman
  • Ungor shaman (converted)
  • 20 gors (+10 unassembled)
  • 10 bestigors (+20 unassembled)
  • 20 ungor raiders
  • 3 bullgors
  • Ghorgon


  • Silver Tower box
  • 10 chaos warriors
  • Lord of Chaos
  • Lord of Slaanesh (converted from the Knight-Questor from Silver Tower)
  • Mounted chaos sorcerer lord (conversion, still WIP)
  • 1 converted marauder (+19 unassembled - the first one was a "proof of concept")
  • 5 blood reavers
  • High elf archmage
  • High elf prince on griffon
  • Dark elf executioners command group (metal)
  • Dwarf runemaster
  • 2 Empire battlemages
  • 3 Stormcast Secrators
  • 6 skinks (+6 unassembled)
  • Apprentice wizard (metal, from recent Red Box Games kickstarter)
  • 4 Tau fire warriors, 2 drones, 1 stealth suit (+6 unassembled FWs - my Rogue Stars team)
  • Unassembled Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders (conversions planned)
  • Unassembled Doom Lords Bloodbowl team (for converting and/or cannibalising beastman bits)

In addition to that, I have two Battlefleet Gothic fleets (~2500p Tau and 3000-3500p Slaanesh) and the minis from the Banner Saga Warbands boardgame.

I think that's about it?

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My collection is fairly small compared to most but I'll join in :D


  • 1 Lord of Change 
  • 1 Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch
  • 1 The Blue Scribes
  • 1 Herald of Tzeentch
  • 1 Gaunt Summoner 
  • 2 Tzaangor Shaman
  • 1 Magister
  • 1 Ogroid Thaumaturge 


  • 40 Kairic Acolytes
  • 30 Tzaangors
  • 10 Pink Horrors
  • 20 Blue Horrors
  • 20 Brimstone Horrors 
  • 9 Tzaangor Skyfires
  • 6 Tzaangor Enlightened 
  • 3 Screamers of Tzeentch
  • 3 Flamers of Tzeentch
  • 1 Burning Chariot of Tzeentch

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So, after 2 years of collecting this is what my collection looks like...


Built and painted:

Treelord Ancient

Spirit of Durthu


25 Dryads

5 Tree-Revenants

3 Kurnoth Hunters - bows

3 Kurnoth Hunters - scythes (last one just need the paintjob finishing)

Built but unpainted or still on sprue:

19 Dryads (intially only to do another 12 to make a total of 2 units of 20)


Drycha Hamadreth


(Am looking at getting a Branchwraith soon too)

Other (Mixed Order)

Built and painted:

Old metal High Elf mage which use as a Loremaster (he has a sword!)

Battlemage (Jade)

Built but unpainted or still on sprue:


Mistweaver Saih

Battlemage (Amber)

20 Freeguild Archers

20 Eternal Guard

16 Glade Guard (want another 4)

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@Skabnoze Man, I envy you. So much Greenskin stuff, it's incredible. 

Maybe a bit off-topic, but I'll do it anyway: I've started as a kid with W40k, my newly found friends played 40k and I've ran to my parents begging them to go with me to a GW and get me right into it. I really loved the look of Tau (freshly released back then), was 100% sure that I want Tau, went into GW and my dad looked at a box of Imperial Guard and said: "Son, that are some real military miniatures". So my first army was IG and I loved it. We had a blast and an awesome basement provided by a friends dad (which had the whole basement full of Warhammer fantasy).
Long story short, teenage kicked in, and we lost sight with the Warhammer hobby, sold my huge Imperial Guard, Grey Knights, Inquisition and Orks Collection and forgot about Warhammer for at least 10 years.

But then I've moved into a student commune with my best friend (which was also part of the Warhammer hobby back then) and in a night drinking, we thought about Warhammer and how awesome it would be to start again. 3 years later, the old group of friends are back together, rolling dice, having a blast and don't think to ever stop again.

We started with 40k again, where I've assembled a huge Tau Empire and Deathwatch Force and just last year we decided to start an own "5 Generals" challenge in AoS, because AoS has by far the most impressive models in the industry. My army is small compared to you lads, but it's mostly painted and i'm proud of it:


Megaboss on Maw-Krusha, Megaboss, Warchanter, Weirdnob Shaman, Fungoid Cave Shaman, 30 Ardboyz, 6 Gore Gruntas, 10 Brutes.





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@DerZauberer  Don't get me started on 40K orks... I don't even want to start counting models...

I really like how your Iron Jawz turned out.  I am trying to figure out how I want to rebase all of my Orcs (Greenskinz, Ironjawz, and Bonesplitterz).  I want to keep them fairly similar and I am wanting to do something relatively simple.  My Night Goblins have an extensive basing strategy so I want something simple for the Orcs.  I was thinking about doing a badlands theme, but I have not settled on exactly how I want to do it yet.  I don't think i want them all on rocks like you did - but yours turned out very nice.  I was looking at doing full cracked-earth bases and just not sure if I go purely with the crack paint or use a combination of that and something else.  I really like how you used the cracked earth as a small complimentary effect.  Well done!  Looking forward to seeing what you do for the big Maw Crusher base.  ?

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My wife and I started with AoS last fall and neither of us had played any wargames before. Although dwarfed by many of the collections shown here things escalated fairly quickly and this is our collection now:

Stormcast Eternals:

1x Celestant Prime
1x Lord Aquilor
2x Lord Castellant
1x Lord Celestant
1x Lord Celestant on Dracoth
1x Lord Ordinator
2x Lord Relictor
1x Lord Veritant
1x Errant Questor
1x Knight Azyros
2x Knight Heraldor
1x Knight Questor
1x Knight Venator
2x Knight Vexillor
1x Gavriel Sureheart
1x Neave Blacktalon
18x Aetherwings
2x Concussors
5x Decimators
2x Fulminators
14x Gryph Hounds
15x Hunters
10x Judicators
38x Liberators
6x Palladors
9x Prosecutors
18x Raptors
12x Retributors
2x Tempestors

Disciples of Tzeentch

1x Lord of Change
1x Kairos Fateweaver
1x Gaunt Summoner with Chaos Familiars
1x Gaunt Summoner on Disc
1x Herald of Tzeentch
1x The Blue Scribes
1x Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch
1x Magister
3x Screamers of Tzeentch
1x Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
3x Flamers of Tzeentch
30x Pink Horrors
20x Blue Horrors
20x Brimstone Horrors

Hosts of Slaanesh

1x Lord of Slaanesh on Demonic Mount
2x Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot
1x The Masque of Slaanesh
20x Daemonettes of Slaanesh
10x Seekers of Slaanesh
5x Hellstriders of Slaanesh

Blades of Khorne

1x Mighty Lord of Khorne
1x Bloodsecrator
1x Bloodstoker
1x Khorgorath
5x Blood Warriors
20x Bloodreavers

Maggotkin of Nurgle

1x Horticus Slimux
3x Plague Drones
3x Nurglings
10x Plaguebearers

Other Chaos

1x Chaos Sorcerer Lord
2x Daemon Prince

We still need to pick up some of the new Soul Wars boxes and Endless Spells as well!

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I have a 10,000 point Dwarf army from my Warhammer days that I haven't yet sorted into AoS units etc yet..haven't found the time to do so!

But specifically for AoS I have my Hallowed Knights Stormcast.

Currently have at least one of every hero (only missing the celestant on stardrake and Drakesworn Templar) and pretty much every unit so far including the new soul wars stuff. I think I had about fifty liberators at last count, no idea how much they will get used this edition though!

And soul wars has led me into collecting nighthaunt now!

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I was at 50,000 points of models, which dropped to 48,000 with GHB2018, and then back up with Soul Wars and Malign Sorcery.

It all began long ago.

It started with collecting Battalion Boxes in 8th Ed. There were a few bigger boxes. There were a few eBay collections.

Then it ballooned to 1000 points. In this expansion I looked at a lot of 2000 point army lists and planned the 1000 point armies to use similar unit choices.

This expanded to 2000 points for a few armies when GW killed the old world. TK and Brets have been there since, changing point cost only with GHB.

New model additions at that point came to fill the new armies. 

In the past year, I’ve gone back to buying big boxes. It’s just not worth the price to buy and build the old sets, and worth waiting for the SC or Battleforces.

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Making this list just underlines the size of the problem I have :P

Daughters of Khaine:

  • 2 Cauldrons Of Blood
  • 1 Bloodwrack Shrine
  • 1 Avatar of Khaine on foot
  • 2x Morathi High Oracle
  • Morathi the Shadow Queen
  • 50 Witch Aelves
  • 10 Sisters of Slaughter
  • 5 Lifetakers
  • 10 Heart Renders
  • 15 Blood Sisters
  • 1 Medusa on Foot
  •  Slaughter Queen on Foot
  • 2 Death Hags on Foot
  • 10 old metal Witch Elves
  • 5  Doomfire Warlocks (converted into Doomfire Maidens)

Darkling Covens

  • 2 Sorceresses on foot + 1 conversion
  • 1 Dark Sorceress on a Black Dragon
  • 15 Executioners
  • 20 Black Guard
  • 20+ Dark Shards
  • 30+ Dreadspears (unassembled)

Scourge Runner Privateers

  • 1 Black Ark Fleet Master
  • 30+ Corsairs

Order Serpentis

  • 1 Dreadlord on Black Dragon
  • 12 Drakespawn Knights
  • 1 War Hydra


  • 21 Sequitors
  • 6 Liberators
  • 3 Knight Incantors
  • 1 Lord Arcanum on Dracoline
  • 1 Lord Arcanum on Grph-charger
  • 1 Lord Castellant & Gryphhound
  • 6 Castigators
  • 6 Prosecutors
  • 5 Judicators
  • 1 Cellestar Ballista
  • 1 Knight Zephyros
  • 1 Errant Knight Questor
  • 1 Knight Questor
  • Steelheart's Champions
  • 3 Evocators
  • Stormsire's Cursebreakers

Mixed Order

  • 1 Loremaster
  • 1 Archmage
  • 1 Cogsmith
  • 1 Excelsior Warpriest
  • 1 Assassin

Mixed Chaos

  • 1 Chaos Lord on foot
  • 1 Chaos Lord on Foot (Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Harry the Hammer)
  • 1 Chaos Lord on Demonic Steed (converted)
  • 3 Varanguard
  • Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord (limited edition)
  • Chaos Sorcerer on demonic steed (limited edition)
  • 1 Gaunt summoner with familiars
  • 1 Dark Oath War Queen
  • 1 Dark Oath Chieftain
  • 1 Chaos Sorcerer
  • 5 Putrid Blight Kings 
  • 1 Ogroid Thaumaturge
  • 2 Skaven Deathrunners
  • 20 Marauders
  • 16 Kairic Acolytes
  • 10 Reavers
  • 5 Blood Warriors
  • Magore's Fiends
  • Garrek's Reavers
  • 10 Tzaangors
  • 1 Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic mount
  • 5 old metal Daemonettes
  • 2 Pink Horrors (Silvertower)
  • 4 Blue Horrors  (Silvertower)
  • Brimstone Horrors  (Silvertower)
  • 1 Tzeentch Sorcerer on foot (conversion)
  • Fatemaster (Limited Edition Tzeentch Sorcerer on Disc - 10th Anniversary Italy & Germany from 2006 )

Mixed Death

  • The Soulwars box Nighthaunt contents (too lazy to type)
  • Sepulchral Guard
  • 1 Vampire Lord (female with chalice)
  • 1 Winged Vampire Lord (conversion)
  • Briar Queen's Thorns

Various AOS/WHFB

  • Ironskull's boyz
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot
  • Orc Boar Chariot
  • Wurzag
  • Orc on Wyvern
  • 2 Orc Bosses on boars
  • 20 Orc Arrer Boyz
  • 20 Night Goblin spears
  • Old metal Giant
  • 2 Stone Trolls
  • 3 River Trolls
  • 3 x Old Morathi (2 metal & 1 finecast)
  • Maulus Darkblade
  • Dark Elf Sorceress on Cold One
  • Dreadlord on foot (conversion)
  • Old metal Beastmaster on Manticore
  • Old metal Beastmaster on foot
  • Old metal Stegadon

Lord of the Rings

  • Smaug
  • Balrog
  • Nazgul on Winged Nightmare
  • old Metal Witchking on Winged Nightmare

40K - Tau

  • Commander Farsight
  • Commander in Crisis Suit
  • 2 Hammerhead gunships
  • 5 Crisis Suits
  • 2 Devilfish
  • 20 Firewarriors
  • 15 Pathfinders
  • 30+ Kroot
  • 1 Krootox
  • 1 Aun'shi
  • 1 Commander Shadowsun
  • 5 XV-15 Stealthsuits
  • 3 XV-25 Stealthsuits
  • Unknown # of Drones
  • 1 converted Ethereal on foot
  • Converted ejected version of shadowsun

40K - Space Marines (Blood Ravens)

  • 5 terminators
  • 10 Tactical Marines
  • 3 Primaris Marines
  • 5 Assault Marines
  • 5 Devastators
  • 1 Captain in Terminator Armour
  • 1 Librarian in Terminator Armour

40K - Various

  • 3 Deathguard
  • Leleth Hesperax
  • Yvraine & Gyrinx
  • 5 Dark Eldar Wyches
  • 1 Yncarne
  • Poxwalkers
  • 1 Dark Eldar Succubus
Edited by zedatkinszed

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I have all Age of Sigmar factions which are currently about 232,000 points of models according to GHB 2018: 

Fist of the Everchosen 36000
Everchosen 21000
Daemons of Chaos 15000
Slaves to Darkness 13000
Disciples of Tzeentch 10000
Beasts of Chaos 8100
Blades of Khorne 6900
Maggotkin of Nurgle 6700
Skaven 4000
Monsters of Chaos 3300
Hosts of Slaanesh 3100
Brayherds 2600
Warherds 1400
Masterclan 1300
Clan Skryre 1200
Clan Verminus 1200
Chaos Gargants 1100
Warriors of Chaos 900
Clan Moulder 800
Clan Eshin 500
Clan Pestilens 400
Thunderscorn 400
Legion of Azgorh 200
Grand Alliance Chaos (total) 51000
Grand Host of Nagash 17000
Legion of Blood 16000
Legion of Night 16000
Legion of Sacrament 16000
The Wraith Fleet 14000
Tomb Kings 12000
Soulblight 5900
Flesh-Eater Courts 5600
Nighthaunt 4400
Deathrattle 3200
Deathlords 2400
Deathmages 1300
Deadwalkers 600
Vampire Counts 400
Grand Alliance Death (total) 35000
Stoneklaw's Gutstompas 17000
Greenskinz 4900
Gutbusters 4700
Moonclan Grots 4100
Monsters of Destruction 3600
Ironjawz 3200
Beastclaw Raiders 2200
Spiderfang Grots 1500
Aleguzzler Gargants 1300
Gitmob Grots 1200
Maneaters 1200
Bonesplitterz 800
Troggoths 500
Firebellies 100
Ogre Kingdoms 100
Orcs & Goblins 100
Grand Alliance Destruction (total) 29000
All Aelves 38000
Bretonnia 29000
All Duardin 13000
Sylvaneth 7700
Free Peoples 6600
Seraphon 6100
Empire 5300
Swifthawk Agents 5300
Eldritch Council 5100
Darkling Covens 4900
Collegiate Arcane 4800
Dispossessed 4800
Wood Elves 4800
Order Draconis 4200
Stormcast Eternals 4000
Ironweld Arsenal 3700
Wanderers 3100
Dark Elves 2800
Kharadron Overlords 2700
Order Serpentis 2400
High Elves 2300
Dwarfs 2200
Daughters of Khaine 2100
Phoenix Temple 1800
Devoted of Sigmar 1400
Fyreslayers 1400
Shadowblades 1200
Lion Rangers 900
Lizardmen 700
Scourge Privateers 500
Monsters of Order 400
Idoneth Deepkin 100
Great Cities:  
Hammerhal 109000
Hallowheart 30000
Tempest's Eye 29000
Anvilgard 25000
Greywater Fastness 25000
The Living City 25000
The Phoenicium 17000
Grand Alliance Order (total) 116000
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Well now I dont feel so bad about everything that I have....


1 Nomad Prince

1 Spellweaver

1 Waystrider 

1 Wayfinder

3 Waywatchers

30 glade guard

30 sisters of the watch

20 eternal guard

5 sisters of the thorn

5 wild riders

5 'glade riders'.

Stormcast eternals

Lord arcanum on gryph charger

3 knight encantors

20 sequitors

5 evocators

12 castigators

3 balistas 

1 gryph hound


Knight of shrouds on ethereal steed

Guardian of souls

Spirit of torment

10 grimghast reapers

16 glaivewraith stalkers

Lord executioner

Lady olynder

2 chainghasts

10 bladeghiest revenants

4 myrmorn banshees

40 chainrasps

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8 hours ago, Duke of Gisoreux said:

I have all Age of Sigmar factions which are currently about 232,000 points of models according to GHB 2018:


I think the technical term is "Wow!" That is a vast collection.

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My KO collection:


1-Aetheric Navigator

2-Arkanaut Admiral (only one painted)

1-Brokk Grungsson (not painted).


40-Arkanaut Company


12-Skywardens(only three painted).

10-Grundstok Thunderers (5 painted).

1-Arkanaut Ironclad

2-Arkanaut Frigate

3-Grundstok Gunhauler (1 WiP the others are not even assembled).

Some of them are still waiting for highlights and some details, so not fully painted.

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Take note that the amount that I say are the conservative estimate^^ (they can be really much more)

I'll post only Death cause otherway it would require too much time to write also about my sotrmcasts and Seraphons, excluding also other sub armies that I spoil to make conversion but include goblins, orcs, dwarves, deamons, free people, bretonnia, and so on...

1 Nagash new(to build)

1 Nagash old

4 VL/GK o TG/DZ /Vordrai (they are magnetized so I can swith as I want)

3 Neferata/Arkhan/Mannfred on deead Abyssal (mgnetized)

2 Melkior on Abyssal horror

1 coven throne/mortis engine/bloodseeker palankin (magnetized)

5 Wight kings (converted, on steed and on foot))

30+ vampires (on steed, flying, on foot at least 10 can also become a eprsonalized verion of the blood knights)

1 Khalida

1 Settra

1 liche priest

1 Isabella

1 Vlad

1 Krell

3 necromancer

5 cairn wraiths

3 banshee

1 Varghulf courtier

3 crypht ghast courtiers

1 knight of shouds

1 knight of shrouds on ethereal steed

2 guardian of souls

1 spirit torment

1 Chainghast

1 Lord executioner

4  Morghasts

10 black knights/hexwraiths new ones (magnetized)

70+ black knights (converted)

3-400 skeletons

12 skeleton on chariot

4-500 zombies (normal ones + converted)

9 spirit hosts

8 fell bats

8 bat swarms (converted)

42 grave guards (21+ old ones + 21 converted)

50 ghouls

30 dire wolves (to renew the base)

1 black coach (old one)

1 screaming skull catapult

6 vargheists/horrors/flyers/infernal coutiers/haunter courtiers  (magnetized to switch)

1 corpse cart

4 glaiwraith stalkers

5 grimghast reapers

20 chainrasp horde

surely I forgot something

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4 minutes ago, Duke of Gisoreux said:

I already uploaded pictures of every model and unit I have on my website:


The page itself is in German, but there are mainly pictures to view.

That website is fantastic and you've such a huge collection! A lot of classic models and some great stuff - really fantastic to see such a huge collection! Hope that you've space to display it at home (at least in part) and get to game with it. That's one collection to be seriously proud of!

Your Bretonnia force is a thing of utter beauty!

Edited by Overread
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I am currently furnishing my new gaming room which will contain 6 large display cabinets and a gaming table. I hope everything will fit in there.

Bretonnia is my favourite army. I own every single model that has ever been released by GW.

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I love the way you've set up your displays, especially the Tomb Kings on their pyramid!

Some fantastic models in there, particularly nice to see such variety in your forces!

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40 minutes ago, Duke of Gisoreux said:

I am currently furnishing my new gaming room which will contain 6 large display cabinets and a gaming table. I hope everything will fit in there.

Bretonnia is my favourite army. I own every single model that has ever been released by GW.

When you get it done send an email to GW - no joke some good photos and collection like yours is the kind of thing that deserves to be shown off! Who knows you might land a mention on a few pages (plus it a neat way to show how awesome things like Brets can look when massed up - encourage/inspire some fangrowth as AoS certainly has room to add such a faction

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My collection consists of:


Archaon, Grand Marshall of the Apocalypse
Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars
3 Varanguard

Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut
2 Mighty Lord of Khorne
2 Exalted Deathbringer
Aspiring Deathbringer
3 Slaughterpriest
2 Slaughterpriest with Hackblade
2 Bloodsecrator
2 Bloodstoker
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
Blood Throne
Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne
Daemon Prince of Khorne

2 Khorgorath
3 Mighty Skullcrusher of Khorne with Enscorlled Axes
3 Mighty Skullcrusher of Khorne with Bloodglaives
36 Blood Warrior
50 Bloodreaver
30 Bloodletter
6 Bloodcrushers of Khorne
2 Skull Cannon

Lord of Change
Ogroid Thaumaturge
Herald of Tzeentch
2 Tzaangor Shaman

48 Kairic Acolytes
Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
5 Screamers of Tzeentch
22 Pink Horrors
17 Blue Horrors
14 Brimstone Horrors
3 Flamers of Tzeentch
48 Tzaangors
6 Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc
9 Tzaangor Skyfires

Be'lakor, Chaos Daemon Prince

Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount
Chaos Lord of Slaanesh

20 Daemonette of Slaanesh
5 Hellstrider of Slaanesh

20 Chaos Warhound
6 Harpy

Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Chaos Steed
2 Exalted Hero of Chaos ( 1 with 2 Hand Weapons, 1 with Hand Weapon and Shield )
2 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount ( 1 is old Archaon )
Chaos Lord of Khorne on Daemonic Mount
Darkoath War Chieftan
Darkoath Warqueen

84 Chaos Warrior
10 Chaos Chosen
52 Chaos Marauder
5 Chaos Marauder Horseman
2 Chaos Chariot
10 Chaos Knight
8 Chaos Knight ( Old metal )
4 Chaos Spawn

Chaos Warshrine

3 Dragon Ogor
Dragon Ogor Shaggoth

Hellcannon of Chaos


Frostlord on Stonehorn
Huskard on Thundertusk
Icebrow Hunter
Thundertusk w/ Beastriders
2 Sabretusks
8 Mournfang Cavalry w/ Ironfists

98 Grots
16 Leadbelchers
Tyrant w/Double-Handed Ogre Club
Tyrant w/Basher and Slicer
Butcher w/Cleaver
18 Ogors w/Hand Weapon and Ironfist
12 Ironguts
2 Gorgers
Grot Scraplauncher

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Kharadron Overlords:


1 squad arkanauts

1 navgaor

1 Gunhauler

Sub-Assembled and primed:

Frigate x1  (being painted now)

1 squad thunderer’s

1 squad  rigges

1 Admiral 

Partially Sub-Assebled but not primed:




Squad of Arkanauts 


Squad of riggers

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