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Didn't spot a similar thread (sorry if I've missed it). 

This can often be interesting to share complete lists of what we each have in our collections. A neat way to show what we've all got and it can also be an interesting resource for people to see what other people get for certain armies.  Kind of thing one can stick in a signature and also edit back over time to show how ones collection has grown and changed over time. 


Daughters of Khaine:

1 Blood Cauldron (slaughter/hag queen option)
1 Hag Queen
1 Slaughter Queen
4 Bloodwrack Medusa

30 Witch Elves with Bucklers and full command
30 Witch Elves with duel daggers and full command
20 Witch Elves with duel daggers and full command

20 Khinerai Heartrenders
20 Khinerai Lifetakers
20 Blood Stalkers

15 Doomfire Warlocks
1 optional female wolf warlock rider


6 Gryph Hounds (Stormcast Eternals) 
1 Supreme Sorceress (Darkling Covens)
2 Assassins (Shadowblades)
1 Hydra


1 Master Moulder
1 Arch-Warlock
1 Warlock Engineer
1 Warlock Bombardier 
1 Plague Furnace
1 Screaming Bell
1 Assassin

40 Clanrats with spears
40 Plague Monks
3 Stormfiends

1 Doom Wheel
3 Warp Lightning Cannon
1 Doom Flayer 

Hedonites of Slaanesh

3 Infernal Enrapturess
1 Herald on Foot
1 Masque
1 Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance
1 The Contorted Epitome

30 Deamonettes
10 Deamonettes
20 Seekers of Slaanesh plastic
10 Seekers of Slaanesh metal
9 Fiends of Slaanesh plastic
7 Fiends of Slaanesh metal

2 Exalted Chariot
3 Seeker Chariot

1 Fane
1 set of Slaanesh Endless Spells

Edited by Overread
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When I returned to Age of Sigmar I dug out my Fantasy collection from the garage and posted the contents onto this forum.  Here is a copy of that post.  The names of the models are the old Warhammer names and not the Age of Sigmar translations, but it is good enough to get the point across.  The basic descriptions should be "multiples of almost every orc & goblin mini released over the last 25 years":


Savage Orcs:

Wurrzag on foot x2

Shaman on boar

shaman on foot x2

Savage Orc boar boys x10

savage orcs 2-weapon x35

savage orcs bows x25

savage orcs unassembled x15

Big Stabba x5


Forest Goblins

Boss on Giant Spider x1

Arachnarok x2

spider riders x40

forest goblins on foot (metal and plastic) ~100ish


Black Orcs

Grimgor x2

Black Orcs (metal and plastic) ~80ish


Common Orcs

Orc Boyz (various weapons)  ~185

Forgeworld characters x1

Azhag the Slaughterer x2 (old and new version)

Shaman x3 (I may convert the crazy guy holding the skull in the air into a Savage Orc)

Boss on Boar x1

Boar Boyz x15

Boss with Banner x1

Boar Chariot x6


Common Goblins

Doom Diver old x5

Doom Diver new x2

Rock Lobba x3

Spear Chukka x8

Wolf Riders x15

Groms Chariot x1

Gobbo Chariot x2

Gobbos on foot x 80

Nasty Skulkers x3

Pump Wagons x4 (these are conversions for my Night Goblins)


Night Goblins

Skarsnik & Gobbla x2  (old and new)

Bosses 10+ (I really like Night Goblins...)

Shaman 6+

Night Goblins 500+ (not going to bother counting - I have a lot)

Fanatics ~25+

Squigs x40

Squig Herders ~25

Squig Hoppers x25

Mangler Squig x4

Colossal Squig x2 (one is the forgeworld and another was an in-progress conversion I plan to resume soon)


Other stuff

Giants x3

River Trolls x9

Stone Trolls x6

Common Trolls x3

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My Skaven collection:

clan Verminus:

1Verminlord warbringer

4Skaven warlords

1skaven warlord on Bonebracker ratogre 

1Queek headtaker



clan Moulder:


3Hell pit abominations

80Giant rats 

2rat swarms 

10rat ogres

Clan Skyre:

1Arch warlock

4warlock engineers


3warplightning cannons

4warpfire thrower teams

2poisoned wind mortars

1warp grinder weapon  team 

1ratling gun 



1Doomflayer gauntlet

clan Eshin:


40Night runners 

5gutter runners


Clan Pestilens:

2plague furnaces

4plague priests 

160Plague monks 

20Plague censer bearers 



1Grey seer

1Thanquel on bonebracker 

3Screaming bell.

so, yeah that’s probably a lot of skaven Modells ?.






Edited by Skreech Verminking
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5 mounted heroes

3 damsels 

36 knights

12 grail knights

3 Pegasus knights

80 peasants with polearms

20 archers

2 trebuchets


Dark Elves (All the factions it split into)

1 scourge runner chariot

1 Drakespawn chariot

5 Drakespawn knights

1 hydra

30 Black Guard

7 Executioners

1 Sorceress

1 sorceress on Pegasus and Drakespawn

1 Dreadlord on Manticore

31 Dreadspears

20 Darkshards

10 witch Elves

10 Sisters of Slaughter

1 Morathi (the combo Model new one)

10 Melee Melusai

5 archer melusai

1 cauldron o. Blood

2-4 Death Hags/Slaughter Queens

1 Medusa


Grant Alliance Death

60 Skeleton Warriors

54 Graveguard

2 Wight Kings

20 Black Knights

8 Vampire Lords

All three Mortarchs


60 Ghouls

3 Terrorgheists

2 Zombiedragons

6 Vargheists

3 spirit hosts

9 crypt horrors

5 Hexwraiths

3 Necromancers

2 Corpse Carts

1 Black Coach

90 Zombies

3 Vampire Bats

2 Bat swarms

10 Dire Wilfes

1 coven Throne

1 Morris engine

2 Varghulfs

2x soul wars box





20 thralls

10 reavers

1 Akhelian King

1 tidecaster

1 Soulscryer 

6 Eels


6 fishes I play as Gryphhounds


Sylvaneth and Wanderers

30 Dryads

5 treerevs

5 Spiterevs

6 kurnoth hunters

3 Treelords


2 branchwyches/wraiths 

24 Glade Guard

20 Wildwood Rangers

5 sisters of the thorn

10 Wild riders

5 wayfinders

2 Lords 

1 mage

2 treekin 

1 eagle


 Starterbox Stormcasts (old and new)

20 Liberators

1 Knight heraldor

1 Vandus Hammerhand

5 Judicators

3 palas 

2 Dracothian guards

3 prosecutors

steelheart‘s champions

the whole sacrosanct box 


Tomb kings

2 sphinxes

4 Snakes

20 skeletons


6 chariots

1 scorpion 


i probably missed to list some units. These are just the ones I remember outright

Edited by JackStreicher
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My Aelf mess. This is the models currently painted to an acceptable level (and the dragon is nearly done so I'm counting that too). 

Order Draconis

1 x Dragonlord

1 x Dragon Noble


Lion Rangers

10 x White Lions (project after the dragon is getting this to 30)

1 x Lion Chariot


Eldritch Council

1 x Mounted Archmage

1 x Archmage on foot

1 x Loremaster

20 x Swordmasters


Swifthawk Agents

1 x High Warden



1 x Seawarden

10 x Silverhelms

50 x Highborn Archers

50 x Highborn Spearmen


It's a start...

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Some whopping lists so far! I remember when I first joined forums in the early 00s and I was so shocked to see the volume of models people own, even just unbuilt and boxed were more than I own.


Dark Aelves

  • 20x Dreadspears
  • 2x Sorceress
  • 20x Blackguard
  • 10x Doomfire Warlocks
  • 10x Blood Sisters
  • 1x Bloodwrack Shrine
  • 1x Avatar of Khaine
  • 2x Hag (including 1 old metal Hag)
  • 1x Slaughter Queen
  • 10x Witches (old metal ones)
  • Sorceress on Drakespawn
  • Dreadlord with Great Sword
  • Malus Darkblade (just a Dreadknight now  though)
  • 10x Shades (for sale!)
  • 2x Reaper Bolt Throwers Celestar Ballista 
  • 3x Hydra
  • 2x Black Dragon
  • 1x Drakespawn Chariot
  • 25x Drakespawn Knights
  • 1x Lokhir Fellheart
  • 1x Black Ark Fleetmaster
  • 40x Black Ark Corsairs
  • 1x Kharibdyss
  • 2x Scourgerunner Chariot
  • 5x Assassin
  • 20x Dark Riders

Future expansion around the Daughters of Khaine. And if one day I finish them, 10-20 converted Dark Shards from the 40 Corsairs... 

Stormcast Eternals

  • Vandus Hammerhand
  • Lord Relictor
  • Knight Incantor
  • Lord Ordinator (conversion)
  • 2x Celestar Ballista (on their way)
  • 10x Liberators
  • 3x Prosecutors
  • 5x Retributors
  • 3x Vanguard Raptors (Longstrikes)
  • 3x Aetherwings

Just need another 5-10 Liberators or Judicators and some Endless Spells for a 2k list for the Stormcast. Will pick up the other Knight Incantor once the magazine with him on comes out. It's not the best list in the world but they're my sons and he's very happy. I'd try and get some Starmauls and Great Hammers but the bits are hard to come by unfortunately.

I also have quite a few Space Marines, but I think I'll sell most of them and just make a kill team now to be honest. For those interested in 40K, that's something like 2 Dreads, techmarine, assault terminators, terminators, 30 tactical marines, Telion, Tigurius, Sicarius, apothecary, chaplain, rhino, 5 scouts, 10 devastators, 2 landspeeds, 3 bikes, 10 assault marines. I don't think I'll ever play 40K, but I have a can of Macragge Blue and I still love the character models... 

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I have quite a large collection of models, spread over several "armies". However I tend to try to collect a variety of models, rather than build specific army lists. I generally get models when I need them for RPG purposes, and then try to expand those forces into full Warhammer armies if I enjoy painting and modelling them. I thus tend to have lots of varient models, and heroes, but don't have the rank and file in the same numbers that most people seem to.

 I have three "grand armies" where I have all of the available units, and can *mostly* field them in sufficient numbers. These are my almost 500 Lizardmen, my 300 Tomb Kings, and 270 Chaos Dwarves.

Dwarves are practically a grand army at this point, as I have almost as many of them as I do Chaos Dwarves, however it isn't a complete collection, simply because of the vast number of dwarf models that have been released over the years. I'm currently working on some Kharadrons, which will add to my good dwarf roster.

I have a 160 model wood elf army, which is currently a work in progress. They are taking a bit of a while to paint up. When combined with just under a hundred High Elves they form a reasonably large army. I then have around a hundred models for Sylvaneth, Legions of Nagash and Collegiate Arcane (I did a collection project trying to get all of the varient wizards for the different colleges of magic. I've completed the collection, but the painting is still a work in progress.)

Throw in a few other factions, and the full breakdown looks like this:

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@EccentricCircle an army that vast calls for a photo showing off the over 2000 models in one go (go forth and dominate the floor and tables!)

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- 2x Spire of Dawn sets
- 2x Stormfiends
- Arch-Warlock
- 2x Doomwheel
- 3x Warplightning Cannon
- 2x Stormvermin
- 1x Warpgrinder

Daughters of Khaine

- 2x Blood Coven sets
- 4x Melusai 
- 2x Khinerai
- 1x Morathi

Idoneth Deepkin

- 1x Eidolon
- 1x Leviadon
- 2x Allopex
- 6x Eels
- 2x Akhelian Kings


- 1x Soul Wars set
- 1x Knight of Shrouds
- 1x Chainghasts
- 2x Grimghast Reapers

I (re)started in the hobby about a year and a half ago. ?

Edited by Kirjava13
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47 minutes ago, Kirjava13 said:

I (re)started in the hobby about a year and a half ago. ?

And decided to go for the shotgun school of collecting?

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43 minutes ago, Overread said:

@EccentricCircle an army that vast calls for a photo showing off the over 2000 models in one go (go forth and dominate the floor and tables!)

Lets see what i've got in the way of gr oup shots... 
Some of these aren't the best, since i'm trying to photograph too much at once really. The Lizardmen were my first army, and i've collected them on and off for years. The Tomb Kings are what I was collecting as the End Times struck, and I just managed to complete my collection before they vanished into the mists of time. The Chaos Dwarves are probably the one I'm most proud of, as it took several years to track down the older models, and I got very lucky on a few of them.
The Dwarves and Vampire Counts/LoN shots are the most recent ones I have to hand, but those collections have been expanded on a bit since. Alas I don't have time today to set everything up for a more complete photoshoot!

Tomb Kings.JPG

Vampire Counts.JPG

Chaos Dwarves.JPG



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2 hours ago, MrZakalwe said:

And decided to go for the shotgun school of collecting?

I... I... I just like all the things! ?

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8 hours ago, MacDuff said:

That is truly a sea of mean green. Amazing.

It was a big sea of green back in Warhammer Fantasy, but it does not quite map into the full armies that I want in Age of Sigmar - which is rather amusing.  There is a big Moonclan force and a big Greenskinz force, but the rest is a bit thin.

It is interesting to see how the other factions have evolved.  That was a big Savage Orc force in 8th ed since you generally ran an expensive big block of Big 'Uns, a scattering of min units of arrow boyz, a big block of Trolls, maybe a giant, and then your heroes.  That came out to like 2500 points alone, but it is not much of a Bonesplitterz force.  Thankfully, it is not too far off from the kind of Bonesplitterz army I want and I can just add a couple more units of Morboyz.

The Black Orcs were shifted into Ironjawz and became the basic Ardboyz.  I don't have any of the Ironjawz models that have been released, and which look awesome, so I will need to expand that out.  Although, for the moment I plan to enjoy just dumping massive amounts of Ardboys on the table and watching people try to chew through that many wounds.

I have always loved Forest Goblins, but they gradually were removed from the Orc & Goblin books and there was one edition where they were they removed every unit except for spider rider cavalry (6th ed I think).  I love that they are now their own thing, even if that alliance is tiny.  I also have loved the Arachnarok model since it has been released but 8th edition was not kind to big monsters like that.  They were often killed by the plethora of cheap peasants that had access to great-weapons across the game.  It was always very disappointing to field a spider bigger than a house and then have it murdered by a horde of lumberjacks.  Age of Sigmar really excites me partly because it has on the whole found a good balance between big stompy monsters and infantry.  You can field either and have your army perform well - which is great.  So now I am really excited to fully flesh out my old Forest Goblins into a full army.

So despite having a fairly large sea of green - GW has found a way to get me energized to add a bunch more!

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1 hour ago, Kirjava13 said:

I... I... I just like all the things! ?

I know how you feel though bad painting skills and slow assembly progress keeps me from getting all the things (cause in reality it would end up being all the boxes )

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19 minutes ago, Overread said:

I know how you feel though bad painting skills and slow assembly progress keeps me from getting all the things (cause in reality it would end up being all the boxes )

Same, except that hasn't stopped me in the slightest! All the Daughters of Khaine and Seraphon- oh, I forgot my Seraphon! A Start Collecting box, Bastiladon, Terradons and Stegadon- are in their boxes awaiting attention. I'm making very good progress through the Nighthaunt and Skaven, and the Idoneth are progressing reasonably. Getting an airbrush has really sped up the process!

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Never played fantasy but had some models back then, sold off 90% of skaven and O&G. Started AoS when KO came out and my collection blossomed at an exponential rate. Hence around 50% of the models are not painted. Generally I buy things because I like the models, and ocassionally because it's core to the list I'm trying to pull (spawns/magister/Lord Ordinator). Now that I listed what I have, I realize I should stop buying and finish painting at least one other army!.




  • Daughter of Khaine  (Not planning to play)
    •  Morathi
    • 5 Bloodsisters
    • 5 Heartrenders
  • Slyvaneth (Not planning to play)
    • 16 Dryads
    • 1 Durthu
    •  Brandwraith
    • Alaraielle
  • Kharadron Overlords <Completed> (My first AoS army and the only one fully painted)
    • 30 arkanauts
    • 15 Grundstock thunderers
    • Frigate
    • Ironclad
    • Gunhauler
    • Brokk 
    • Admiral
    • 2 khemyst
    • Navigator
    • Endrinmaster
    • 12 endrinriggers
  • Fyreslayers <Not started painting>
    • 60 Vulkite berzerkers
    • 30 Hearthguard Berzerkers
    • 3 magmadroths (one of each type)
    • Runemaster
    • Grimwrath
    • Battlesmith
    • 3 runeson 
    • 2 runefather
    • 3 runesmiter
  • Tzeentch <In progress> (40k port)
    • 30 pinks
    • 20 blues
    • 20 brimstones
    • 30 Tzaangors
    • 10 Acolytes
    • 6 skyfire
    • Shaman
    • Magister
    • 2 spawns
    • Lord of Change
    • 6 screamers
    • 6 flamers
    • 2 Herald/Burning chariot
    • Daemon Prince
  • Miscellaneous 
    • 3 varanguard
    • Lord Ordinator
    • Megaboss
    • Skarbrand
    • Slaneesh Herald on chariot
    • Gorbad
    • 5 boar boys


Edited by Qaz

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Khorne Bloodbound

10 Wrathmongers

15 Skullreapers

12 Mighty Skullcrushers

1 Khorgorath

60+ Bloodreavers

45 Blood Warriors

2 Aspiring Deathbringer

1 Bloodsecrator

1 Bloodstoker

3 Exalted Deathbringer

1 Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

1 Mighty Lord of Khorne

2 Skarr Bloodwrath

2 Slaughterpriest



1 Megaboss on Maw-Krusha

1 Megaboss

4 Weirdknob Shaman

2 Warchanter

6 Gore-Gruntas

40 Ardboyz

25 Brutes

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The things I have, or the things I have that are like... built? Those would be very different lists.

I've been in the hobby for a very long time, starting and stopping various things over the years. I left WHFB at one point, lost almost all my miniatures in a house-moving accident, restarted, switched projects a lot, you know how it is. I had to drop out of the hobby altogether except for reading for a few years due to bad health, and I'm still not "back" - I'm geting stuff assembled, and put a brush on a model for the first time in about 18 months last week, but I haven't finished anything since sometime in 2013. I'm also very slow. Here's what I have so far though:

Blades of Khorne:


1 Mightly Lord
20 Blood Warriors
20 Bloodreavers
3 Skullcrushers
2 Slaughterpriests
3 Exalted Deathbringers
1 Aspiring Deathbringer
1 Skullgrinder
1 Bloodsecrator

Slaves to Darkness:


1 Chaos Lord
1 Chaos Sorcerer
10 Chaos Knights
20 Chaos Warriors
2 Chaos Spawn

Beasts of Chaos:


2 Beastlords
1 Bray-Shaman
30 Gors
30 Ungors
20 Bestigors
3 Bullgors
1 Cygor
10 Chaos Hounds
10 Centigors
3 Dragon Ogors

Disciples of Tzeentch:


1 Gaunt Summoner
1 Ogroid Thaumaturge
1 Magister
20 Kairic Acolytes
3 Skyfires
3 Flamers
3 Screamers

Flesh-Eater Courts:


1 Ghoul King on Terrorgheist
1 Ghoul King
2 Ghast Courtiers
50 Ghouls
1 Crypt Infernal Courtier
3 Crypt Flayers
1 Crypt Haunter Courtier
3 Crypt Horrors
1 Varghulf Courtier

Legions of Nagash / Nighthaunt:


Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament
Olynder, Mortarch of Grief
2 Wight Kings
3 Vampire Lords
2 Necromancers
40 Skeletons
20 Grave Guard
3 Spirit Hosts
1 Corpse Cart
15 Black Knights/Hexwraiths*
1 Knight of Shrouds
1 Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed
40 Chainrasps
2 Guardians
2 Spirit Torments
2 Chainghasts
24 Grimghast Reapers
10 Glaivewraith Stalkers

* (when I decide how to build them - they're probably going to be wraiths now! The odd number is because I've been waiting to get either the Malignant SC or Tormented Spirits box, which would get me the extra Hosts I want as well, I just never get around to it)



1 Grey Seer
1 Arch-Warlock
6 Warlords
2 Warlock-Engineers
60 Clanrats
20 Stormvermin
2 Warpfire Throwers
2 Poison Wind Mortars
1 Warp-Lightning Cannon



1 Waystrider
1 Wayfinder
2 Spellweavers
20 Glade Guard
1 Drakeseer
3 Archmages
1 Black Ark Fleetmaster
20 Black Ark Corsairs

...also the Shadespire warbands, and now the Sacrosant stuff from Soul Wars which I'm definitely going to expand into a full SCE collection.

I haven't actually taken inventory like this before, it's interesting. I have quite a few minis spread just a little too thinly over a lot of factions. A lot of heroes and not enough units, etc. I should buckle down and fill out one of these collections into a proper finished army (and paint it)

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This is suitably stupid to take part in. I have currently painted 5 armies suitable fro AoS, of which two are still with squares (and one of them for good).

My first WHFB army was Dwarfs, for which I have about 200 painted models, but I have no plans on using them for AoS. Maybe I'll dig them out for a game or two of Kings of War some day.

I have quite a lot of Lizards that I initially did for 6th edition. My plans are to change them to round bases at some point as I have bought/got a lot of old metal minis in recent years (e.g. 40 5th ed metal spear saurus, 20 6th ed + 10 5th ed metal saurus guard, engine of gods made from an old stegadon, old skink cold one cavalry, about 40 cold one riders, about 100 plastic saurus,some old slanns (both on palanquin and some even older, etc.).

I have currently painted:

Slann, 2 skink priests, 5 chameleons, about 40 skinks, 15 saurus, 8 kroxigor, 6 old terradons that fit now better as ripperdactyls, a stegadon, 2 salamanders, 2 saurus heroes, a bunch of horrible cold one knights. It was really good army back in the day and quite good nowadays as well. This is and will be my go to "tournament army".

I originally started AoS by switching my old 40k daemon army to a Slaanesh army consisting nowadays of:

Archaon on horse, 5 knights, Lord on steed of Slaanesh, Harry the Hammer, 6 chaos warriors, bunch of LotR harad that I have used as sorcerer and counts as skaven, 50 Daemonettes (of every generation), 15 seekers, 6 fiends, herald on chariot, masque, herald, Keeper of Secrets. Waiting for the Slaanesh release to be expanded.

I also have bunch of other daemons, I could probably build a 1000-1500 point Tzeentch army out of my mortals and my 10 horrors, the Changeling, a herald, daemon prince, 6 screamers and 6 flamers. For Khorne and Nurgle I have  just few units.

Then, my first proper AoS army from mixed order, the army is currently being updated to allow it to be used for Saga and Dragon Rampart as well. It currently consists of:

Elven griffon lord,  A great eagle, two mounted human heroes, 5 Grail knights, a Waywatcher, a human wizard, an assassin, 36 assorted dwarfs (which are also an army of their own for Lord of the Rings as they are all LotR models), 30 Halberdiers, 10 archers, 3 Kurnoth hunters, 5 Tree revenants.

For these I currently have on my painting desk 15 counts as stormcast and 10 crossbowmen. I have long lasting plans to add more Sylvaneth, but let's see when I get there. A start collecting box would fit in perfectly. I also have bits to convert some wardancers to eagle winged Khinerai Heartrenders.

And lastly, I have painted up a collection of random undead from about 7 different manufacturers. I currently have A Vampire, A Wight king (Krell!), 13 grave guard, 3 ghouls, a banshee, 3 spirit hosts, 24 skeletons, 9 zombies, 5 dire wolves, a necromancer and 10 almost finished black knights. Very mish mash army that I probably will use more for Fantastic Saga than for AoS as I don't want to paint a million skeletons or get those big monsters. But it's also close to 1000 point AoS army, so it'll eventually be used in AoS as well, especially as I have bought the Battletome.


These are just a fraction of my collection. I regularly play many different games, for which most I have multiple forces. For 40k, which I play nowadays once or twice a year I have about 700 painted models for 5 different armies. My latest bigger project was a 150 model Muslim army for crusade period that I use for Saga and bigger historicals such as Hail caesar or Swordpoint (for which we'll start a campaign on August, which will make me finish my about 50 unpainted infantry). I also have a largish Irish force for Saga. About 130 models for Inifinity, a Harad/Mordor army for Lord of the Rings, two armies for Beyond the gates of Antares, smallish force of Shaltari for both Dropfleet and Dropzone commander, 30 or so models (plus a city) for Batman and some bits and bobs for smaller games. The next project is a 15mm army of Poles and German mercenaries for 16-17th century gaming (about 200 models). Probably for Pike and Shotte and/or By Fire and Sword. 

All in all, I'd say that I currently have about 1500+ painted models (and hundreds of unpainted). And yes, I have a problem. :)

Edited by Jamopower
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First off, great thread! ok, so here it goes..

Dark aelves


100 witch aelves (30 newest sculpt)

60 dreadspears

60 repeater x-bow elves

4 cauldrons of blood (2 old sculpts 2 new sculpts)

8 reaper bolt throwers (2-  5th edition sculpts)

3 war hydras (1 -6th edition, 2 - 8th edition)

80 corsairs (40 - 6th edition, 40 - 8th edition)

15 harpies (6th edition)

40 black guard (6th edition)

40 executioners (6th edition)

20 cold one knights (10 -6th edition, 10 - 8th edition)

1 kharibdyss

1 dreadlord on manticore

1 death hag BSB

1 master BSB on foot

1 master BSB on dark steed

1 master BSB on cold one

20 dark riders (6th edition)

20 shades

10 mengil's manflayers

40 sword and shield warriors

15 assassins (1 - 5th edition, 10- 6th edition, 4 - 8th edition)

5 cold one chariots (2 -6th edition, 3 - 8th edition)

2 scourgerunner chariots (1 w/ beastmaster)

2 dreadlords on black dragons

6 sorceresses (2 mounted on darksteeds)

Stormcast Eternals


Lord Celestant on dracoth

Drakesworn templar



lord- celestant on foot




2 knight-heraldors

2 knight-incantors



3 gryphhounds

neave blacktalon

gaviel sureheart

steelheart's champions

the farstriders

4 fulminators

10 protectors

10 retributors

40 liberators

6 vanguard raptors/longstrike

20 vanguard hunters

6 aetherwings

3 celestar ballistas

13 castigators

6 evocators

2 lord-arcanum on gryph charger

9 prosecutors with javelins

19 sequitors


15 judicators w/ bows

5 judicators w/ x-bows

6 vanguard palladors

also atleast 2000 points of:

Idoneth Deepkin

Legions of Nagash

Blades of Khorne

Maggotkin of Nurgle

Disciples of Tzeentch


Then, about 1000 points of:







Then, small warbands of:


High elves


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more stuff

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Collecting for 33 years. Worked for GW for almost 12 years when we got 80% off retail and metal models at 4 cents per gram.

Just bought a house with a finished basement and workshop. Three of the bedrooms are fully set up all the time as gaming rooms with 2-6 display cabinets full of models in each room. Workshop is converted to full 2-person painting and modeling studio. There is a rack of unopened blister packs hanging in that room. The utility room has 5 18"x36" shelves full of unopened boxes and 5 more with models packed base to base. The bar/lounge area has a dedicated Shadespire & Blood Bowl table and more display cabinets. The garage has ... more.

I have more models than I'll even count or paint (which means I'm immortal!).

I have an illness. And a gf who not only doesn't want me cured, but has been infected herself. I am a lost cause.

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6 minutes ago, Sleboda said:

The garage has ... more.

That's my favourite bit.  Living the dream.

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