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Hi there, uhh . . . Doty, from Mpls, MN, USA!


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Hey everyone, wandered over here after hearing about the community from one of the podcasts.  I played Empire in 8th, & now divide my time between all manner of Orcs, Goblins, Humans, Dwarfs, & the occasional Stormcast.  I wish I enjoyed painting as much as discussing the meta (also on 4chan /tg), list-building, or making greenstuff fur cloaks!!  

I play smaller games 2-3 times/month with my friend Stefan, then our larger club TCT convenes monthly for events.  We've recently discovered Phoenix Games, & the owner Nate has been cool about supporting the fledgling AoS scene on the west side of the Twin Cities.  East side of 'em seems to be anchored by SkullBros @ Fantasy Flight Event Center in Roseville.


Location: Minneapolis, MN

Name: Doty / Dotification

Contact: Dotification@gmail.com


Location: Phoenix Games in Deephaven, MN

Name: Twin Cities Titans

Contact: secret/closed FB group ATM, though our FLGS owner has a FB page for his store


Location: Phoenix Games in Deephaven, MN

Date: Aug. 13th

Name: TBA/1st AoS + Pizza Tournament

Demo Day:

This Saturday the 23rd!  From 12:30 PM - ???

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