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Stormcast into Fyreslayers


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I find myself incapable of handling Fyreslayer infantry bricks.

The straw that broke the camel's back was today in a game, I delivered 20 Paladin Retributors in a single charge into a unit of 30 vulkite berserkers. Despite hot dice and a strong showing from the star soul maces, I couldn't even reduce the unit below half-strength. Later in the game, when my Knight Incantor spiked on her vial rolls for the max 9, my opponent passed 7/9 4+ saves and I just threw my hands up in defeat. 

Not only are the bricks of Vulkite durable, but their runes and characters make them murder-machines in damage output. Between doubling up on throwing axes and the +1(2) Rend rune, my units were disintegrated by sheer weight of attacks and inability to grind.


The 4+ save after save means that even with sufficient rend, 50% of my attacks have no effect. 

I looked at everything. Vanguard Raptors? Even with 27 4+/4+ shots, between a 5+ armor and 4+ save after save I'll be fortunate enough to have three dead dwarves per round of shooting.

I'm curious if there's something I'm missing, or if my only option is to throw my hands up and try to cower on scenario.

I know the battle tome isn't up yet, but I just feel very powerless. If 880pts of some of the most consistent, kill-y units in the game, with near-guaranteed mortal wound output can't one-round even half of a 360pt bog-standard battle line infantry choice, what is the line of play? 


I'm just looking for suggestions here. My list is very skewed, designed to turn-1 charge, but still mix scenario. My frustration lies in an anvil unit of ridiculously lower points being able to withstand and then counter-kill a massive hammer unit.


My list is:


2x Relictor

1x Knight Incator

10x Paladin

10x Paladin

5x Liberator x4 units; Grandhammer

3x Prosecutors

3x Prosecutors



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