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A small community that will grow as a Sylvaneth sapling


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Hello to everyone!

We are a small community of WMH and Infinity players, and former WHFB and 40K players that just got started with Age of Sigmar. Of course, some of the players have models from different times, and we expect some new ones to join us into the mortal realms. There are WHF folks around here that would stick to 9th Age, but we are ready to move to the round bases of awesomeness.

If you ever feel you'd like to play a game or chat over Sigmar stuff, please check the current thread for news about game days or just playing times, it's still early for tournaments for most of us, but we are looking forward to organized play too.

The store address in Google Maps

Club calendar (in Bulgarian, games names are obvious though), mostly filling it on the fly when people gather in the playing area.

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