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Faction Expansion Concept: Beastclaw Raiders

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So, I've heard some grumbling that the Beastclaw Raiders aren't exactly in the best of spots right now, is that right?  Well, I'm here to 'fix' the issue, and when I say fix, I mean post up some concepts I've had to expand the Beastclaw Raiders faction and make it more playable.  This isn't actually complete, mind you.  It introduces a wizard for the faction, but it doesn't have a 'Lore of the Everwinter' for even more spells, nor does it have new battalion concepts.  So have at, and maybe I'll work on it more (unlike my gargants faction...)


New Units

Everwinter Witch:  Everwinter Witches are those women of the Beastclaw Raiders who have communed with the Everwinter itself, learning the deepest secrets of the accursed storm and also learning about magic.  Theirs is a simplistic, shamanistic type of magic, reliant on the fickle and wild winds of the Everwinter and barely controlling it at the best of times, but their powers are undeniable. They can read the future by interpreting how dead leaves dance on the wind, or lend their own shrieking cry to drive the Everwinter harder.

    An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor on foot equipped with a stone knife and staff, both of which she uses in combat.  She is a hero, a leader and a wizard. All attacks, be they shooting or melee, targeting her must contend with the winter winds, and suffer -1 To-Hit.  Being a wizard, she can cast and unbind one spell a turn, and knows Mystic Shield and Arcane Bolt, in addition to her own innate spell. Her innate spell targets a friendly unit, and for the rest of the turn, when that unit charges, it rolls 3 dice and drops the lowest.  If that charge is rerolled, all 3 dice are still rolled for that reroll.


Everwinter Witch on Stonehorn:  An Everwinter Witch is a figure of immense respect in a Beastclaw Raider tribe.  While the Frostlord commands a tribe to the last Ogor, he would be a fool to ignore an Everwinter Witch, particularly one who has tamed a Stonehorn.

    An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor riding a Stonehorn equipped with a stone knife and a staff.  She is a hero, leader, moster, behemoth, and wizard. The Stonehorn keeps its attacks and abilities, and the Everwinter Witch adds in her staff and knife attacks.  In addition, the Everwinter Witch gives a free command point during your hero phase so long as your general is a Frostlord on Stonehorn. Being a wizard, the Everwinter Witch can cast and unbind one spell.  She knows Mystic Shield, Arcane Bolt, and her own innate spell. Her innate spell lets a unit immediately retreat and lets that unit charge again later in the turn.


Everwinter Witch on Thundertusk:  An Everwinter Witch is connected to everything that the Beastclaw Raiders embody, particularly their creatures and animals.  Riding atop a mighty Thundertusk, an Everwinter Witch can tap into the power over ice and cold that the Thundertusk has and use it for her own ends.

    An Everwinter Witch is a female ogor riding a Thundertusk equipped with a stone knife and a staff.  She is a hero, leader, monster, behemoth, and wizard. The Thundertusk keeps its attacks and abilities, and the Everwinter Witch adds in her staff and knife attacks.  Being a wizard, the Everwinter Witch can cast and unbind one spell. However, she gains +1 to her casting and unbinding for every other Thundertusk close by. She knows Mystic Shield, Arcane Bolt, and her own innate spell.  Her innate spell targets an enemy unit and, upon a successful cast, deals d3 Mortal wounds to them, plus an addition d3 for every 10 models in that unit as hail comes down upon them. D3 if 5 models, 2d3 if 11, for example.


Ogor Scouts:  In the harsh Beastclaw Raider society, it is a right to ride a creature into battle, and that right must be earned.  Ogor Scouts, young and untested, hope to prove their worth through battle and providing the rest of the tribe with food.

    Ogor Scouts are a battleline unit of tribal Ogors equipped with Spears.  They can throw those spears for shooting, and use them in melee. Thrown spears gain extra range if the Ogor Scouts ran during movement.  They have no other special abilities.


Ogor Trackers:  When a Beastclaw Ogor proves themselves worthy of a mount, a few choose otherwise.  Oftentimes lonesome figures who are called by the wild, Ogor Trackers instead take upon themselves the path of the Hunter.  Dedicating themselves to tracking both monsters and armies on the march, Ogor Trackers are part of the vanguard of a Beastclaw army and live the hardest life.  Those who survive will become full-fledged Hunters.

    Ogor Trackers are a unit of tribal ogors equipped with Spears and a Club.  They throw the Spears in shooting and attack with the Club in combat. Thrown spears gain extra range if the Ogor Trackers ran during movement.  In addition, a unit of Ogor Trackers doesn’t need to be within 1 inch of each other to be in formation, instead being within 3 inches instead. They also have the ability to Track; allied units attacking an enemy unit that an Ogor Tracker is within 6 inches of can rerolled failed to-hit rolls on a charge attack.


Great Yhetee:  Though the Yhetee are the most loyal of the Beastclaw Raiders’ allies, that isn’t to say they are without mystery.  Strange Yhetee driven off by the rest of the pack disappear into the Everwinter, assumed to be lost to the cold chiller than death.  Some of them return, but changed into towering, howling behemoths that leap incredible distances. Such terrible monsters are fearsome to have as either enemies or allies, and few Beastclaw Raiders willing work with them.

    A Great Yhetee is a single model.  It is a monster, but not a behemoth and has no Damage Grid.  It is a much larger Yhetee covered in frost and ice, and attacks with its claws and teeth.  In addition to the Yhetee’s Combat Debuff, 6-inch Pile-in Range and ‘Invigorated By The Blizzard, the Great Yhetee heals d3 wounds in a round that it killed an enemy model and has a universal -1 Bravery radius that affects even its allies.



Everwinter Witch is 1 kit.  Contains adaption pieces to let her sit upon a Stonehorn or Thundertusk.

Ogor Scouts and Ogor Trackers are 1 kit that lets you build 3 of them.

The Great Yhetee is 1 kit, but it’s just 1 model.

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Hahahahaha! Great minds think alike! Actually I did exactly this for my ogors, the Witches!!!! Right now they are “count as” allied butchers, but I was planning on do a custom warscroll to use in friendly games...

Here is my “witch” on foot, on all her glorious beauty! GS stage and painted (Im not a veeery good painter...)






Also, I toyed eith the idea of a mounted version (to count as a Couldron Butcher due to the larger base), but used a smaller beast, in this case I borrowed a thusken raider Bantha from the Umperial Assault range... this one is still WIP...



I would love to share some ideas! Have you thought about their warscroll?



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I have thought about it a little bit, that's why I wrote up as much as I did.  When it comes to a mounted Witch, though, a lot's already built for you.  If you take off all the huskard-related stuff on a Mounted Huskard, you could easily staple on the new rules.  As for the footslogger Witch, you could probably base that off of the Hunter's statline (health, move, Bravery, save), but give her the new rules and abilities.  It'd actually be pretty simple.

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Oh! Got a better picture of her, with her new shiny staff...



also, one idea for the Scouts... I did a “sledge” pulled by 6 wolves... I think it works quite well with the concept of a really fast cavalry/chariot type of unit... currently this one is a “count as” for 2 Mournfangs... the sledge is magnetized, so in a pile in I can put the sledge and the 2 rear wolves in base contact... not ideal but...



Hope you like it! ?


Edited by Antonio Rodrigues
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I did actually have a brief glimmer of an idea for a sled-pulled unit, but I decided against it.  I went with scouts as footsloggers to give the army more fluff.  Like, I've got a few questions.  Is the army the entire Beastclaw Raiders Tribe?  Are there non-combatants hanging out somewhere?  How does an Ogor get to sit on a Mournfang or a Stonehorn/Thundertusk?  Or become a hunter?  The Scouts and Trackers were created to answer those questions.

But I did also have another idea that I didn't put up; namely, the core of a Beastclaw Tribe is actually a series of giant sleds being pulled along by Stonehorns or Thundertusks.  The army portion of the Beastclaw Raiders acts as a kind of snowplow or dragnet, facing down anything the entire tribe might come across and crush it before it gets behind them.  It's flavorful, tasty, and a ruined Tribe-Sled could make for some impressive terrain.

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If Forgeworld made a giant Yhetee, it would be the greatest thing ever. In addition, the regular Yhetees (and cats) need an updated plastic model.

As above, I would like to see some form of Ice Magic. I am currently converting Skin Wolves to be Butchers and Firebellies (Icebellies), as I don't really like Ogors.

We could probably use chaff, so some kind of little ice demons/golems would be cool.

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