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Not sure if this has been a topic yet. But I would love to see a feature where you can put yourself looking for match/game + city + army and other people can search via location or game type etc. Post valid for 28 days or something. 


For example: 

I would set up my profile/post with;

Game: Age of Sigmar 2nd edition

Army:  Skaven Pestilens (or multiple if unsure of which army I want to play) 

Location: Leeds, U.K. 

Post length: 20 days. 


So for my opponent, the search would be  via;

- game type - select Age of Sigmar 2nd edition.


- locations - Select from available locations from current live posts.


- Army type - he/she wants to play against a specific army.


-post age.


- combination of the above. 


Thoughts on this anyone? I’m aware there’s a club search but that’s not focused enough. 

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