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Chris Tomlin

AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

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7 hours ago, pforson said:

Anyone? Anyone?

I'm thinking the same thing about the first list (a little too slow). The problem is even if you theoretically could make it to the middle objectives by game's end (and this isn't enough for some scenarios) their units can tie you up in combat for most of the game.

If I was running order, I'd use Tempest's Eye. Your second list look's pretty good and has the mobility, you'd have to try it out to see if it works. My preference for a tempest's eye list would be to mix in some endrinriggers and khemist in a list kind of like this...

1 runelord

1 aetherkhemist

30 longbeards

30 arkonauts w/ 9 skyhooks

9 endrinriggers w/ 3 grapnel launchers

The khemist doubles the attacks of the endrinriggers which can leap around >20" with their grapnel launchers. Meanwhile, the 30 longbeards and arkonauts hold the middle and benefit from extra attacks/rend from the runelord/aetherkhemist. Tempest's eye comes in handy by extending the threat range of the riggers/arkonauts. I've never played this list ('cause KO units are $$$) but it seems fun and shores up the weaknesses of dispossessed and KO.

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4 hours ago, Ragnar Alpaca said:

Basically at lower points games going wide instead of tall most of the time works out better. 

Ya, I agree. Because you have fewer points to work you benefit less from support heroes (and synergy in general), so it's usually better to just bring good stuff. The most cost effective units on their own are often the basic troops.

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