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Chris Tomlin

AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

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1 hour ago, Mutter said:

I wouldn't, and the answer is actually already there: :)

DoK are basically made by all the synergies. I see no reason to water that down.

Sure that is a point, but how much value do we really get from the buffs? It is very situational, but shouldnt we put all those nice buffs on that big 30-Girl unit of Witch elves or Sisters of Slaughter? How much Buff-Love do the Blood Sisters get during the important game turns anyway? The Executioners can use a arcane shield, but wont need much else.

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I would never use Executioners over Blood Sisters, and I play A LOT with Blood Sisters. 

You must compare them in DoK army taking allegiance abilities into play (for example BS have 6++) the beauty of buffs and synergies in DoK is that you use them on what you need. Witchbrew and prayers are easy to use and opponent can do little to stop it, then there is Cauldron aura, Slaughter Queen Command Ability. In army I am taking to GT there is Slaughter Queen with Blessing okf Khaine, Medusa with Mindrazor, 2xHag Queen with prayers to buff those Snake Girls. There is so many synergies that even by simply keeping Blood Sisters near General I have +1 save ,5++  and Command Ability. Cast Mindrazor on them and they hit like a truck with no other buffs. 

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