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Chris Tomlin

AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

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26 minutes ago, ledha said:

of play in the realm of fire that give another -1 rend to all missile weapon and laugh at your opponent when your vanguard army actually hit hard !

Only if your target is >12" away, and only if you roll that result on the Realmscapes. It sounds really good but in practise you get maybe one round of shooting where a target is in that range. Aqshy really benefits melee armies much more than shooting armies, with spells to boost wound rolls, charge rolls, and damage of melee weapons. I've had a unit of 5 Saurus Knights deal 30 damage in one round of combat when those buffs get stacked up.

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The Celestial Vindicator command ability is really good on Dracolines.

Celestial Vindicators
Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline - General + artifact, Pride Leader, Chain Lightning
9x Dracoline - Celestial Blades
Knight-Incantor - Terrifying Aspect
5x Liberator
5x Liberator
5x Judicator
Chronomatic Cogs
Everblaze Comet

With Pride Leader, Celestial Blades, Empower, on the charge you are on 2+/2+ rerolling all hits and wounds. That's 27 attacks with grandstaves (R0, D2) and 27 attacks with their fangs (R1, Dd3), or ~51 wounds at 2 damage each. 

Each command point adds 18 attacks to the unit for another 17 wounds at 2 damage each. This is especially useful because a unit with a large footprint like 9x Dracolines will be splitting up its damage across multiple units, so adding 2 attacks per model helps ensure significant damage is done all across.

You can use the cogs to either get +2 move and +2 charge or use it with the Dracolines to get another spell and rerollable saves. 

The best defense against this kind of deathstar is to group up, and that's where Chain Lightning, Heraldor, and Everblaze Comet come in to punish that kind of clustered positioning.

It has some slight issues with consistency (all the different spells) and low model count but I think I finally found a Stormhost list I like more than Staunch Defender :)

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