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AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

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Just finished off this unit.  Total of painted Ghouls now at 110. Maybe I am the crazy one.

Hey guys. This is Bill, the FEC player. I have been playing Nurgle in tournaments the past year but wanted to pull the FEC out of retirement with 2.0 since it was my first love of AoS. Before GHB I ha

I finally got my last AGK on TG converted up. He is ready to get primed and hop in the painting que.

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10 hours ago, JCar09 said:

I played some games in competitive , i think is the ''better'' 2000 points Fec at this moment.



Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts
- Delusion: depends

Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon (440)
- General
- Trait: Magestic Horror 
- Artefact: Blood River Chalice 
Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400)
- -2 bravery item
Crypt Ghast Courtier (80)
Crypt Ghast Courtier (80)

20 x Crypt Ghouls (200)
20 x Crypt Ghouls (200)
10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)

6 x Crypt Horrors (320)

Ghoul Patrol (180)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 114

Can I ask what your strategy would be for using it?



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2 hours ago, ClockworkGeo91 said:

Can I ask what your strategy would be for using it?



U have multiple plays.

U can put the crusader trait and try to hunter weak flanks with ghouls and crypt flayers or stay in cover growing the ghouls with the battallion. I think is the only worth batallion . 

Abbatoir isnt bad, but i think this is much better. Other armys are a lot of strong atm and FEC dont have too many options to win.

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5 hours ago, Rekmeister said:

Anyone toyed around with a mortis engine? Makes our Kings better at casting, and further punishes enemy bravery, not to mention the fact it's super attack can be done in the opponents hero phase. Also only 180pts so it fills a unique hole in our roster.

I think isnt the best for competitive with Fec, but in normal games fit. 

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19 hours ago, CanHammer-darren said:

So this just came in 3rd at Nova


GK in TG x3


some ghouls




Any ideas on tactics fo using this army? Is it meant to scream down a target a turn? This is new to me, so any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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All hail to the victor...

i‘d mess up so bad with this list. Can’t see it winning against nurgle, but a lot of guys/gals and links verify the deeds of Mr. Souza.

would really love to hear about the general tactics. Do you murderball all 3 Kings? Do you split your summoning? Is it all dependant on scenario and opponent...

why? How? Awesome!

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Depends very much in scenario.  Your kings are your wizards and characters so you need them for a couple of scenarios. Otherwise I would spam all my summoning up front and charge enemy from all directions using 7+ rerollable charge and try and wipe them out. Arkhan I can’t see being anything other than another tough target that just dishes mortals and sometimes will 1-shot something big with curse of years. 

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Hey guys. This is Bill, the FEC player. I have been playing Nurgle in tournaments the past year but wanted to pull the FEC out of retirement with 2.0 since it was my first love of AoS. Before GHB I have been playing competitive 40k and Fantasy for years but relative to many, I am new to the AoS competitive scene (first tournament for AoS was LVO 2017.) Since then I have done fairly well. Anyway.... 

To be blatantly honest with you; this list does not work in many formats. Keep in mind that 2/6 missions were hero scoring (duality, and place of arcane) and with the exception of the last mission the rest had 3 objectives max. The list was built for the format, it'll struggle if other GHB missions are used.  

The trick with the army is it is very difficult despite it not looking too hard to use. You need zen like patience at times lol.  You deploy, play and time everything very different depending on the opponent. I had missions where I alpha struck with the horrors/flayers, missions where I used them to bolster my own deployment zone and others that they didn't come on unit turn 3. It looks like a beatstick list but it's difficult to play right. 

Key component as well is flayed pennant. I always deployed him last to see what flank my summoned units would be best on and then between pennant and cogs used that +5" to charge for max effectiveness. Keep in mind too; mirrorpool was in play rounds 1-3 which if you have on combat/wizard monster (or 3!) is absolutely horrifying. It does not count as a move so you are teleporting 18" and then moving 14" (16" with cogs.)

Arkhan is primarily there for the +2 unbind. When you have valuable assets like GKoTG as your core you need to stop the nasty spells. Secondarily he was there for reliable cogs cast and curse of years for ranged MW. Tertiary he was there as a flying creature who moves 18" with fly with cogs up. 

I lost round 2 against Wiliam (the tournament winner) and to be honest it was Place of Arcane Power which I should easily win vs. his army. I didn't make any errors but lost two GKoTG to some unfortunate hand of dusts (couldn't stop portal, hand, and chose the wrong hand) and lost 3 priority rolls once I was on the backfoot so it swung into his favor. We both had a laugh because the first thing we discussed was how this was bad for him lol. 

Best part of NOVA was despite what others seem to be saying I had 6 amazing opponents with 6 of the cleanest and most sporting rounds of competitive wargaming I have ever played. The scoring and prizes could use some tweaking and I think the TO acknowledges that. 


As a side note and shameless plug hoping for some support: ETC is now allowing AoS as an event. I will be captain for the 2019 USA team and we are forming a team of ETC vets, and top players in the USA to see how we can do. Wish us luck!  


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It was significant; as I mentioned in my main post the mirrorpool spell is just broken and needs and FAQ. In realm of rust the all star was transmute. Allowed some good character and medium infantry sniping without investing a big monster to take them down.

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Same here. The community just needs more data. The spells were pretty powerful but I don't think they were winning games on their own. Books with their own spell lores likely have most of the tools the realm spells offer already. They are a good boost to older stuff without their own lores.

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