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AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

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Hey fellow legionaries of totally not tomb kings!

I recently took our favourite tongueless bootlicker to a local tournament and ran away with 2nd place! (ended up with a by in the first round due too uneven numbers) All battles where in chamon.

Here's the list I brought:

Lords of sacrament battalion:

Arkhan (general, soul harvest)

necro (black gold bracers, decrepify)

necro (spectral grasp)

mortis engine


VLoZD (Vile transference, shroud of darkness, lance)


dire wolves X5

dire wolves X5

skeletons X30 (swords)

grave guard X10 (greatblades)

corpse cart (goad, lodestone)

Glaivewraith stalkers X4 (drummer)


Purchased command points X1


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