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Stormcast Warhost (2500Pts) Lists

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First post on TGA, so I'm excited to see how this goes.

My friend and I have been playing AoS for about 1 year now, I play Stormcast Eternals and he plays Chaos (though usually Khorne specifically). We both own substantial armies at the moment totaling about 5000ish points a piece and for the last few months we have been playing a Firestorm campaign 1v1. Most of our games have ranged in points from 1000-2000 and I have won almost all of those games. The games I've lost were due to Khorne Gorepilgrims with 2 units of 30 Bloodletters buffed by a Bloodsecrator and buffed by other heroes to run and charge. In our matchpoint games we play 2500 Warhost lists.

I lost our first one to the above list, but I had lost to Slaughterpriest pulling my heroes off the point and not to attrition (We were playing Duality of Death). 

I ran a list of a Stardrake, 30 Liberators buffed by support heroes, and Lords of the Storm battalion. The Stardrake died turn one, but by that point his demons took so much damage he wasn't able to remove me from the point by force. 

Our upcoming Match-point game is on Starstrike and my preliminary list is as follows:

Celestant Prime





Skink Starpriest


Liberators x 30

3 Judicators x 5

3 Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins x 3

Dryads x10

Vanguard Wing

Just a reminder, the requirements for Warhost lists are 8 heroes max, 4 battleline required, 5 behemoths max, and up to 500 points of allies. 

My thinking for the above list is to nerf the hit rolls for Bloodletters with spell support and utilize the mobility of the Vanguard Wing to rapidly take points. The Dryads are a turn one charge screen. The Celestant Prime will wait until turn 3-4 before hitting the field for a surprise point capture, or if the game is going well, as an artillery piece on turn 2. 

I would adore feedback on this list. I have access to the Start Collecting Boxes for Sylvaneth and Seraphon, as well as almost all Stormcast Units. The only Stormcast list I cannot build is Aetherstrike due to only owning 2 units of 3 Raptors. 

I'm also not yet settled on Artifacts/Command Traits yet. 

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