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New Soulblight Faction Inbound

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20 hours ago, RuneBrush said:

There was a rumour a few weeks back that there was going to be a few off the cuff Vampire releases, notably a Vampire (lady) with a few different weapon options and a box of Blood Knights.

I really hope this has some substance! I think a box of Blood Knights some time in the next year sounds pretty plausible, and with most of the resin vamps gone from the online store now, a couple to cover the LoN options would be in line with the policy of only having warscrolls for models they sell, etc.

There was a character wave for Bloodbound at one point, so a release of heroes for an existing faction isn't even unprecedented.

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14 hours ago, smucreo said:

Yeah I'm willing to try something like Soulblight with Mannfred/VLOZD+Vhordrai+a couple of blood knights with the +2 move and now being able to reroll charges. Could be a lot of fun actually.

Don’t forget using the +1 attack command ability from the Vampire Lord twice to give the Blood nights 6 attacks a piece. (Or even more potentially), and also using the VLOZD to give them rerolls to hit. That would make for an epic charge, even for just a five man unit. (And that’s not including the horses)

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On ‎6‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 5:18 AM, smucreo said:

I'm itching to start a vampire army, but I keep telling myself to wait until plastic blood knights come, or at least until they do away with those super ugly bat swarm/ fell bats models. At this rate I might never even start ?

There's some really solid bat swarm models that aren't GW, but look great  on the tabletop.  Some of them are cheap enough to be easily replaceable if GW ever releases proper bat swarms.

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