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Age of Sigmar Soul Wars Celebration Tournament - Jun 30th (Madison, WI)

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Age of Sigmar Soul Wars Celebration Tournament

Misty Mountain Games - Madison
4672 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, Wisconsin 53716

The Soul Wars are almost upon us! We will be celebrating by having a tournament on official release day! 

Entry will be $15. ALL entry money will be redistributed in the form of store credit. We will also be giving out prizes for various categories, including "Best Painted Mini" and "Best Painted Army".

We are also doing a special promotion with Soul Wars. If you preorder Soul Wars with us at $159.99, you will receive the new General's Handbook FREE, as well as FREE entry into this tournament!

Official Tournament Rules:
- 1500 pts
- Vanguard Match Play restrictions
- NO paint restrictions (feel free to quickly assemble your 2.0 models and use them!)
- We will be using new 2nd Edition rules and points
- Games will take place in the Realm of Shyish, so choose spells and items from that list

Facebook event can be found here.

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