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Weekly Hobby Update : 6-13-18

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Hey Everyone!  Another week has come and gone as we move toward the release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar.  While I cannot wait for the new edition it seems like time is moving very quickly for me as Coalescence, NOVA Open, and Realms at War : Aethermy is coming on quick.  There is still a lot to do for these events and while it is months out I am already feeling the crunch to ensure I get everything I want to be done in time.  The biggest tasks remaining are for Realms at War as I am diving into some recent lore to develop my Aethermist and Aetherlab.  I still have a solid plan for the models, but a few recent sudden inspirations might see me change my plans a bit.  While a bit might change it will still be heavily Daughters of Khaine themed.

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