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IMPORTANT - TGA.Community and You

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It is very important that everybody reads this and understands what we are asking of you when being a member of the TGA Community. We want everybody to have fun. This forum exists because we all love Warhammer Age of Sigmar and want to discuss about the game, the models, and everything to do with it. 

Your Behavour

In society, it is accepted that we all need to behave in a certain way that will make it a nice place for everybody to live and enjoy themselves. It’s no different on this forum, but I need to mention that we will not tolerate the following - 

  • Bad Behavior to other TGA members
  • Excessive Complaining
  • Excessive Negativity
  • Promoting Piracy or otherwise Illegal Actions

This is by no means a hard set of rules and is completely up to the Moderators what is classed as Excessive. This is done on purpose to give the Moderators plenty of flexibility around this. If anybody is found to be doing any of this, you will enter a two stage process.

Stage One - You will get 5 Warning Points

Stage Two - You will get a Weeks Ban

If you continue to behave in such a way, which is unpleasant for other TGA members, the ban will be extended to a permanent ban. Again Moderators have the flexibility around this and may choose to increase Warning Points or the Ban period.

Warning Points

We use a Warning Points system here on TGA, with the idea to issue points to help you understand that you may have behaved in a way in which we do not want here on TGA. The general guide to these are...

  • 1 to 4 Points - You have acted in a way that has not been nice to other members of TGA or you have broken the general site rules. 
  • 5 Points - You have acted in a way as detailed above in the "Your Behavior" Section

The amount of points and wherever they are temporary or permanent are completely up to the Moderator. The more points you have, the more likely you might be banned if in a situation that needs Moderating. This is not a hard set of rules and is this way to give the Moderator flexibility when looking at a case that needs moderating.

Reporting Things

If you see something in a topic which you think is breaking the rules of this community or is one of the items mentioned above in “Your Behaviour”, please report it. We don’t want you to try and police things yourself or go into an argument. However, if you do report it, please add some notes on why you have reported it. Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious what you are reporting on, especially if there are several posts before which would give context to what you are reporting on. 

Information and Picture Leaks

I know we are all get excited about upcoming products to do with Age of Sigmar, but can I ask you all not to post any pictures of any leaked material on this forum please.

The following is okay:

  • Pictures from events such as Open Days
  • Pictures from the Warhammer Community Site
  • Any official material from GW (Facebook, Youtube, Event Programs)

Also can I ask you not to post any direct costs (even converting them into some other point currency) but you can say how much things have gone up by (NOTE - please do not make any posts listing everything with how much they go up/down by! In conversation is OK!!!)

Age of Sigmar Rules and FAQs

The Rules for Age of Sigmar are available for free and can be found HERE. Warscrolls for you units can be also found for free when you look at the sets on the Games Workshop site as well as in the mobile app Azyr

The FAQs can be found HERE

You can create Army Lists using the free list builder tool (WarScroll Builder) on the Warhammer Community Site (can be found HERE)

If you have any concerns or issues with this, you are free to message us to discuss. But at the end of the day we want TGA to be a fun happy place to enjoy your hobby at. 

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