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Mixed Order in my first tournament

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Hey all- 

So I'm finally biting the bullet and doing my first tournament (a one-day in Massachusetts) in July. I know points and things are going to change between now and then, but I wanted to start thinking about a list now as I still have some drybrushing to do and I'd rather start with models I'm bringing. 


Here is my inventory:

Swifthawk Agents:

High Warden

10 Reavers

Eldritch Council:


20 Swordmasters


Runeson on Magmadroth (Wyrmslayer Javelin)

Runefather on foot

Runesmiter on foot

Grimwrath Bezerker

5 Hearthguard Bezerkers (weird flail things I can't remember the name of)

30 Vulkite Bezerkers (picks and shields)

Kharadron Overlords:

9 Skywardens (all three units with Volley Guns and Drill Cannon)


2 Tenebrael Shard


In most games I've been running the following list (my friend and I usually play 1.5k since he doesn't have all his Skryre assembled).

Magson (General)

High Warden


Grimwrath Bezerker

2x5 Reavers

20 Vulkites

2x3 Skywardens

5 Hearthguard Bezerkers 

Tactic: Magson rushes towards a key objective to support the charge of the tunneled Vulkites. High Warden is a sacrifice piece, jumps onto a vulnerable flank or keystone piece with fire support from Reavers and Skywardens. Grimwrath and his Hearthguard maintain the back line, and Reavers use their insane movement to cover the retreat if the High Warden lasts through the turn and can retreat. 

Any list advice would be super helpful. Seeing as though I'm not running anything particularly dirty make it as filthy as ya please. Tactics advice also appreciated. If there is one box that I absolutely NEED to unlock some synergy I've yet to see I'd be open to it but I'd prefer to just use what I have since I've still got a box of vulkites and a box of skywardens to build and paint. 

Thanks for the help, collected denizens of Order. 


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