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Grand Theft Gitmob - A blog

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Hi everybody,

I've been working on and off on an AoS project, specifically an all mounted Gitmob force.

The idea behind it is that it is a force made up of waifs and strays from Grotkind. Outcasts who have banded together in the harsh wastelands of the realm of beasts and cobbled together a rag tag force in order to survive.

Whilst I am not that close to AoS lore (something which I am keen to rectify), I see that Realm of Beasts as being a harsh place filled with constant war, vast barren deserts and titanic beasts who stride the landscape. In a place of constant war there are bound to be piles of broken war machines, weapons and armour and this is how the Gitmob survive by scavenging equipment and stealing what they can to survive.

I've got a few photo's of my work in progress so far, my photography is not the best and being a father of 2 young kids I find it hard to get the time to paint let alone get the perfect shot, but I want to improve.

Anyway that's enough for now, if you have any feedback I'd really appreciate it.

Next time around I will put up some pictures of the forth chariot and some Wolf Riders (once they have all been rebased)





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Hi all,

I've finished another chariot for my force. This time it's a sky cutter that has been "borrowed" by the cheeky band of Grots!


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Hi All,

I've not managed to finish any further models, but I thought I would put up a picture of my WIP scraplauncher for my grot force. One of my potential allies into my Gitmob Grot force.



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I really really wanted to do a mounted gitmob force but I opted to start moonclan instead. Awesome stuff!

I like the cheeky take on all of the various chariots. I was planning on using the beastmen, orc and other chariots as bases to add some variety, but you took it to another level xD

keep us updated on the progress :)

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Cheers both. Glad you are enjoying my efforts!

Having listened to some of the background that has been released about the various realms and hearing about the realm specific artefacts I initially decided that my army would be from the realm of beasts, however a place in the realm of metal really took my fancy. It's essentially a giant scrap pile made by the Orruks as an offering to there god's. 

My idea is that my grot force have "borrowed" some of this scrap from under the Orruks noses and are roaming the lands part in fear of reprisal from their gods, part attempting to bring back better scrap to appease them. What the Grots don't know is that Gorkamorka is amused by the Grots sneakiness and cunning and is letting them get on with it, for now....

I managed to finish my scrap launcher and have attached some pictures for everyone's enjoyment.




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