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Fall of The Old World V

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Game 1 is Focal Points in the realm of Shyish with the feature Aetherquake Aftershock. 

Game 2 is Scorched Earth in the realm of Ghyran with the feature Seeds of Hope. 
Game 3 is Starstrike in the realm of Ghur with the feature Primal Violence. 
Game 4 is Total Commitment in the realm of Hysh with the feature Domain of Symmetry and Purity. 
Game 5 is Three Places of Power in the realm of Ulgu with the realmscape feature Shrouded Lands. 

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1st place and Best Death: JP Ganis, Flesh-Eater Courts

2nd place and Best Order: Mike Callaghan, Stormcast Eternals

3rd place: Craig Graham, Grand Host of Nagash

Most Sporting: Shane Kingston, Tzeentch

Spoooon: David Norval, Legion of Sacrament

Coolest Army: Mark Roberts, Seraphon

2nd Coolest Army, Richard Scott, Stormcast Eternals 

3rd Coolest Army, Grant Fraser, Bonesplitterz

Best Destruction, Matt Rennie, Gloomspite Gitz

Best Chaos, John Bayliss, Skaventide 


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