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Fall of The Old World V


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1.Liam Watt (paid) (List)

2. JP Ganis (paid)(List) 

3. Fraser McWhirter (Paid) (List) 

4.Brian Convery 

5.John Bayliss (paid)(List) 

6.Erik Bews (Paid) (List)

7.Grant Mudie (paid) (List) 

8.Mark Roberts (paid) (List) 

9.John Craig (paid)(List) 

10. Graeme Davidson (Paid)(List) 

11.Stuart West (Paid) (List) 

12.David Nemeth (paid)(List) 

13.Kat Fekete (paid) (List) 

14.Scott Smith (List) (paid) 

15.Andrew Stephen (Paid) (List)

16.Mike Callaghan (List) (Paid) 

17.John 'The Hero' Harper (Paid) (List) 

18.Ross Joyce (List) (Paid) 

19. Nathan 'The Master' Watson (Paid) (List)

20.Shane Kingston (List) (paid) 

21.Richard Scott (List) (paid) 

22.Jonathan Forde (Paid) (List) 

23.David Norval (Paid) (List) 

24.Scott Pirie (List) (paid) 

25.Craig Graham (Paid) (List) 

26.Grant Fraser (Paid) (List)

27.Matt Rennie (Paid) (List) 

28.Leigh Martin (Paid)(List) 

29.Phil McGuinness (paid)(List) 

30. Spadge (paid)(List) 

31.Sean McKechnie (Paid) (List) 

32.Sean Farmery (Paid) (List) 

33. Stephen Ramage (List) (paid) 

34. Jamie McHugh (Paid) (List) 

35. Rhys Inglis (List)

36. Callum Sinclair (List)(Paid)



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Some extra info. 

Cost will be £30. That includes lunch on both days, covers the cost of CGG, and allows me to provide trophies, prizes and custom event merch for you all. Payment can be sent to yarrickson@yahoo.co.uk any time from now until Saturday 23rd February 2019.



2nd place

3rd place (at 26 players+)

Best Chaos General

Best Order General

Best Death General

Best Destruction General

Coolest Army

2nd Coolest Army

3rd Coolest Army

Most Sporting Player

Best Supporting Player (Spoon)

Best player from each Mortal Realm


Cheapest option a 5 minute walk away is the Willy Wallace Hostel.


Also only a few minutes walk from the venue is the new Travelodge. 


Stirling also has another Travelodge further out, the Premier Inn and Highland Gate, as well as a variety of B and Bs. 

Rules Pack

The rules pack will be available from October 2018. You can expect the event to be a relatively straightforward matched play event. The scenarios will be available in the rules pack for your list building and army creation pleasures. 

Like this year I will publish a list document in advance of the event with commentary from luminaries from the Scottish AOS scene. 

Any questions, feel free to ask here on Twitter @yarrickson or in the AOS Northern Alliance or AOS Scotland groups on Facebook.

I'll update here with further info, details, pictures and prizes as I have them. 

Look forward to seeing many of you there. 

Rulespack available https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cZUIHao0tK2dt3FHep676R4aqJhvnXYh/view?usp=sharing

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Some questions that you may frequently have, answered in advance. 
Will this event use Malign Sorcery? Yes
Will this event use the realm rules from the core book? Yes
Will this event allow me to take the allegiance abilities from Firestorm if I meet the requirements? Yes
What missions will we play? The scenarios will be generated randomly from the standard 18 prior to each round using the 'pools' system developed for Tempest.

Do I need a monster in case we play in the realm of beasts? Yes, unless the January FAQ changes this. 

Last year I could use my ally points on anything from within my grand alliance, will this be the case again? Yes. 

Where do I sign up? Here, now. Do it. ?

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Removed realms
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I have today agreed for three luminaries of the Scottish AOS scene to write up their thoughts on the lists for the list document.

Firstly, Mike Callaghan @stuntymike current 6N Scotland Captain, former member of the Last Kings Podcast, pusher of the Les Martin© SCE list and the only member of the Scottish AOS scene with his own entry on IMDB. 

Secondly, Liam Watt, @Lwatt1former 6N Scotland Captain, member of the Northern Invasion podcast and Scotland's ranked no 1. 

Finally, The Scottish Master himself, Nathan Watson, @N_Watson  also a member of the Northern Invasion podcast and the Scottish 6N team.

Can't wait to read their thoughts on your lists. Roll on March 2019. 

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