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Events UK: Tempest - 19/20 Jan 2019


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Announcing the return of Tempest for 2019!

Following on from the Realm of Fire, Realm of Death and Realm of Shadow in previous years...next years Crusade is still to be decided... 


Tickets for this go on sale on MONDAY 6th AUGUST 2018

This will be a 2-day Age of Sigmar event running on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th January 2019. This tournament will be held at Common Ground Games, Stirling.

46 tickets will be available across both days. Cost will be £30. This covers your games and lunch (and it's lovely at CGG).

Please send via PayPal Friends Payment to scottyjock@gmail.com or paypal.me/Scottyjock  with names of those bought for. 

Purchase of a ticket will confirm your place on the Entrants list. Names will stay on the Reserve list until payment is made.

Refunds of tickets are available until Fri 28th December 2018.


Tournament Pack 
Click Here or Here








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ENTRANTS LIST  - 46 places available

1. David Nemeth

2. Kat Feteke

3. Kev Low LIST

4. Liam Watt LIST

5. Mike Callaghan

6. Stu West

7. Spadge

8. Erik  Bews

9. Shane Kingston

10. John Harper LIST

11.  Ross Joyce

12. Grant Fraser LIST

13. Sean McKechnie LIST

14. Garry Marshall

15. Daniel Marshall

16.  James Marshall

17. Mark Strorrar

18. Rich Morley

19. Dan Ryan LIST

20. Craig Graham LIST

21. John Bayliss (2018 Champion) 

22. Adam Rawson 

23.  Mark Roberts LIST

24. Graham Duffy

25. Iain Hunter

26. Richard Strachan LIST

27. Graeme Davidson

28. JP Ganis LIST

29. Nathan Watson LIST

30. Leigh Martin

31. Adam Martin

32. Paul Whitehead

33. Paul di Duca LIST

34. Luke Whitehead

35. Will Pollock

36. Gary Pollock

37. Matt Rennie LIST

38. Michael Hanns

39. John Craig LIST

40. Sam Pett

Spare. Steve McCormick LIST



1. Luke Whitehead v Will Pollock

2. Michael Hanns "Solo" v Mike "the Knight" Callaghan

3. JP "James" Ganis v John "Hero" Harper

4. Nathan "Master" Watson v Stu "North by North" West

5. Liam "Bridesmaid" Watt v John "not a crutch" Craig

6. Leigh Martin v Craig Graham




Round 1 draw

40 players, 7 grudges are in play so tables 1-7 will fulfill these.

1 Luke Whitehead v Will Pollock
2 Michael Hanns v Mike Callaghan
3 JP Ganis v John Harper
4 Nathan Watson v Stu West
5 Liam Watt v John Craig
6 Leigh Martin v Craig Graham
7 Sean McKechnie v Adam Rawson
8 David Nemeth v Shane Kingston
9 Graham Duffy v Spadge
10 Garry Marshall v Adam Martin
11 Richard Strachan v Daniel Marshall
12 Dan Ryan v Erik Bews
13 Paul di Duca v Ross Joyce
14 Mark Roberts v Paul Whitehead
15 Grant Fraser v Mark Strorrar
16 Sam Pett v Gary Pollock
17 Steve McCormick v Kat Feteke
18 Graeme Davidson v Kev Low
19 James Marshall v Rich Morley
20 Matt Rennie v John Bayliss



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