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Looking for a second set of core set dice


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For some weird reason, ive really taken a liking to the black and white dice in the core set. MUCH more so then the warband dice.

Ive bought 2 sets of the warband specific dice but IMO they just dont feel at all as good as the core set dice. I know how strange this sounds but they feel cheap and generic while the dice in the core box feels like high quality products!

There is another issue I have with most of the warband dice also, their transperency and colors often make it difficult for me to separate the defense dice from the offense dice at a glance. Its due to my weird colorblindness and often playing in less then optimal lighting.


Whatever weird preference I might have though, I really want a second set of dice. And since GW isnt selling those dice separately, and im not about to buy a second core set for the dice alone, I figured I would ask here if anyone is willing to sell me their core box dice? I live in Sweden but will pay for the shipping of course!

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So I would suggest you wait a little bit, reasoning behind this is as follows.

  • AoS 2 has been announced with Stormcast Wizards and Nighthaunt as the two core armies.
  • Shadespire Season 2 box set is going to have Stormcast Wizards and Nighthaunt as it's two core warbands.
  • AoS 2 is coming out in June.

As a result I wouldn't be surprised to find that we get a season 2 boxed set coming out in June which includes, not only new boards and cards but also, another set of the core set dice. So if you hold off a little bit you might find that you get the second set of dice free with the second core box in June!

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