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Nick Bloodbound

Help with First Chaos Army

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Hi all, 

I'm trying my hand at an all Khorne bloodbound army, and I would love your advice, especially since I am running two expensive battalions. Also, advice on optimal artefacts would be great.

Heroes x6

1 Skullgrinder 80

2 Slaughterpriests 100 ea

1 Bloodsecrator 80

1 Blood Stoker 80

1 Mighty Lord o Khorne 140

Battleline x4

3 units of 5 Blood warriors 100 ea

1 unit of 20 Blood Reavers with dual blades (Starter set :/) 140


2 units of wrathmongers 180 ea

1 unit either skullreapers or wrathmongers 180

1 Unit mighty Skullcrushers 140


Gore Pilgrims 180

Bloodforged  140


Any feedback would be great. This is my first army and I'm looking to mainly play casually, but I want competitive to be on the table.





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I would be tempted to give it a go and see how it plays.

If would make any changes it would be to drop blood forged and maybe the third unit of wrathmongers and get more bodies in the field. Perhaps a third priest for a bit more MW output at range and another unbind. Maybe consider a shrine for more priest fun and a ward save or a prince as decent flyer model.

Artefacts. Brazen rune on your stoker for anti-magic, gore cleaver is good and I like beserker lord - put these two on your MLoK and go monster hunting. Other combinations exist, but I tend to up using these 3 the most.

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Looks like a good start to me. I would reccomend having a 5 man and 10 man unit of blood warriors instead of 3x5. The blood glaive on the campion can easily exceed the damage from the rest of the unit.

Personally I would pick more wrathmongers over Skullreapers but those points might be better used on more warriors or bloodreavers. Skullreapers have never done much for me, even when given +1 to hit and whipped.

Having both battalions is probably a bit much, but I would recommend trying both and then dropping one once you have a better idea of what you want to add. In a casual environment, don't feel like you have to take gore pilgrims every time. I have had good success with bloodforged and the other battalions. The nice thing is that you don't have to get too much more to be able to use most battalions.

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