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Hammerhal with 6 heroes

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Just had a great Sunday afternoon playing Hammerhal with 6 heroes. Made the battles tougher by adding 2 vigour to each monster and having  heroes 5 and 6 enter the dungeon when a space is free on the stairs. Worked well on the first 3 levels. So far only 1 skill earnt across the team though.

Thought I would share for those interested.

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Interesting, I was wondering about doing something similar. I suppose adding 2 vigor to each monster is a way to make them tougher without cluttering the board with too many. Good idea.

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For a party of 6 ... that seems like moving on easy-mode.

If only one player has managed to complete a single go-around of the Renown wheel in 3 levels? That really sounds like they aren’t being challenged.

By the time you’ve completed the third dungeon everyone can get multiple skills.

Given the lack of renown I recommend upping the chance for ambushes. (And/Or increasing the number of adversaries in normal combats.)

AmbushWhack (ambush generator for Silver Tower and Hammerhal) is a solid option:


“Legendary” mode increases the base likelyhood of an ambush from 16% (1 in 6) in the core game to ~50% (3 in 6 as you’re getting ambushed on a 4+) and as that’s just for 4 players. For Hammerhal with 6 players, I would recommend upping the ambushwhack chance to 80% (4 out of 5). 

The roller doesn’t handle heroic or legendary mode, so upping the chance and keeping the results from AmbushWhack is gm easy mode.

If you’re rolling with dice, I’d recommend adding 4 to your ambush roll (as you can’t do 80% on a d6). And follow the “Legendary” recommendation where the gm can chose exotic adversary groups for rolls of 7 or more.

Loosley translated it means that ~50% of the time the ambushes could be exotic adversary groups.

You may want to use the Chaos Adversary version of the Sorcerer Lord when they come on the board as they have 2d6 chaos marauders (Or Bloodreavers / Kairic Acolytes If you don’t have them)

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Thanks, sounds good. I think exotic adversaries could be a good option as opposed to bigger groups of mobs. Plus upping the ambush rate would be fun.

i will think about it before the next session.

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If you're running as GM, try pitting a group of 4 adversary heroes against 6 good heroes, and amp up if needed.

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