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Darkoath Warqueen Question


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So the Warqueen has no mark of the gods, so i can just take it in StD Allegiance

if i don't want to use her as a ally. Does she count as having no mark, thus can grant

my StD units +1 bravery within 6 inches? Its also not possible to give any mark to her.

Also i am still unsure if she can take any command traits and artifacts, it is possible right?



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I would say yes, she counts as having no mark and would therefore give +1 bravery to other unmarked StD units within 6".

Unless it specifies that you can only take one of her like other named special characters then I dont see why she couldnt take a command trait, assuming she is the general, and an artifact.

The real question is why would you use her at all when there are better options?

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