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Hi everyone,


When looking through this forum, I normally find quite a few threads concerning the lacking ability of destruction armies. This thread is not intended to function as a criticism to those post, it is however the intention to look at the bright side of things.


So, the concept is that each time you win a game with a destruction army, mixed or full - then share your list, and context when applicable.


In order to kick it off, I will go first.


The context of my latest success was a thursday session with the group I normally play Age of Sigmar with. The theme of the session was 1k combat, so I brought the following mixed destruction list:

Fungoid Cave-shaman (General)



Troggoth Hag

Moonclan Grots (Battleline)

Savage Orruks (Battleline)


My opponent fielded a 1k Brayherd list and the game was quite even, but especially the Mega-Boss and Troggoth Hag gave me the upper hand due to damage output and staying power, despite being outnumbered and surrounded.


Let us hear your success!





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I have only played 3 games total with my Ironjawz.  But I have done well in all 3. 

1st game was against a buddy who plays death, but he didnt have his stuff with him, so he played with the shops Stormcast.   We were playing on a 3x3, which really helped me out a lot.   He went first and moved up with most everything he had.  On my turn I moved up as much as I could.  Second turn he shot at me with his ranged units and then I was able to charge into combat.  Once I was in combat, I started to shred his army pretty quickly.   1000 pts.


2nd game was against my friend Alex, who got a few of us into the game.   He has dwarves and skaven.   So far I have only played against his dwarves.   This game  1500 pts.  I used the Ironfist battalion this time.  My list was Megaboss, 2 sets of 5 brutes, 30 ardboys, 6 Goregruntas,  Warchanter.   He had a grudgethrower, a Canon, Runelord, Ironbreakers, Longbeards, and 5 shooting guys from Kharadon and a Flying ship from Kharadon overlords.   Since  I used a battalion and finished setting up first, he was able to place his artillery far away in a corner protected by most of his army.   His overlords stuff was set up opposite side.  I had to go for one or the other, so I went for the Overlord stuff so i could stay out of the range of the grudgethrower.  I moved a bit quicker than he thought and managed to get to the group of 5 and then the Ship, destroying them.  He as able to shoot me with the ship several times. I lost a few ardboys.  Then i had to head into his position of strength.  He had to leave early, so i mainly just charged his line of Ironbreakers and longbeards, instead of sending a troop around to flank.   We decided that I was winning and called it.   He definitely positioned his army better, i think i just rolled better. 


3rd game was against Alex again.  I got my Mawkrusha in the mail, so I used the base and played with it.  I used Megaboss on Mawkrusha (ironclad/Daubing of Mork), a Megaboss, 2 sets of 5 Brutes, 10 ardboys, 3 goregruntas, and I proxied 2 grot Rock lobbers.   He used a canon, an organ gun, Runelord, a Dwarf King carried by 2,  Ironbreakers, longbeards, warriors, (maybe some hammerers), 20 Quarelers, and a Battalion.  Something like that.  He set up mostly in the Middle, but a little spread, with his artillery more to one side.  I set up fairly spread, My ardboyz protecting my artillery, my megaboss and brutes hiding behind a building to avoid getting shot, Mawkrusha was to the right of them, and further to the right were my Gore-gruntas(threatening a flank).

He went first and generally moved forward with most of his stuff, no shots yet though.   On my turn I moved my brutes and megaboss next to the building for maximum shielding.  My goregruntas went forward, still threatening, but were now in range of his organ gun(after he moves it again i think).  I got worried for some reason about pushing up with my mawkrusha, since he would then have been in range of all of his ranged, so I moved him to the left and back a little, passed the brutes.  I shot with my Rock Lobbers at his canon and missed/or he saved. 

He got to go first in the Second turn and continued to move up, his Canon now had angle to hit Brutes that were behind the building and he moved his Organ gun in range of the Gruntas.  He also moved up with his General, near the front line.   He shot and killed a brute, while another ran away!  Luckily, he only injured the Gore-gruntas.   On my second turn I moved the gore-gruntas back, that Organ gun was scary! (though i probably should have kept pushing them in I realized later).  I moved my brutes forward along with the Megaboss, out from the cover, but not quite in charge range but close.  I moved my Mawkrusha up behind them.  My ardboys moved up just a little but still were protecting my artillery.   I shot his Runelord  with the lobbers and 3 damage got through.  No melee.  

I won the roll to go first in the 3rd turn, which was great because i was in the perfect spot.  I moved my Mawkrusha up as far as it could go, just in front and to the left of the brutes,  putting it in range of a charge of his General if I rolled well.  I moved my brutes and footboss up for the charge as well.  I now started moving my ardboys up as well.  Goregruntas headed toward the middle of the board, but were behind everything.   I shot his General with my Lobbers and hit for 3 damage.   Then I charged him with my Mawkrusha and killed him with 4 or 5 mortal wounds from the Bulk!   Unfortunately, he had moved his Warriors close enough, so no 2nd charge....ugh.  Charged into the warriors with one set of wounded brutes and the Footboss, followed by the healthy set of Brutes.  Killed 8 or so in melee.  

He layed into the Mawkrusha with his canon, and 20 Qaurellers.  I totally forgot about ironclad and Daubing of Mork!!?!?!? fudge.  I think like 8 damage got through.  He wasnt able to charge the mawkrusha with anything but he did move stuff up toward it.  He killed 2 more Brutes in melee, killing the boss.  He injured the Footboss as well in melee.

I won the roll to go 1st in the 4th Turn.  I flew over some dwarves and charged his canon with the mawkrusha and killed it.  I moved my ardboys into charge range and got into melee. I shot with the lobbers and injured the group of Quarellers, causing them to lose the extra attack they get when they have 20+ models.  My brutes and Footboss began chewing away at Ironbreakers(hate em). 

One of the final nails in the coffin came when i finally remembered my  Ironclad and Daubing.  Mawkrusha had 1 Wound left and I rolled the 6 on Daubing! This forced him to use more resources, charging into melee of the mawkrusha to finish it, instead of charging other stuff.

At this point the battle was going in my favor and we called it.  Was a good game.  I am having fun and enjoying the Ironjawz!


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I have recently decided to break out my Warhammer Fantasy armies and start converting them over to Age of Sigmar.  I have also been trying to get some of my friends to start playing.  So I have only played a couple of games so far.

Last weekend I decided to give the Skirmish game a go using the expanded fan-made skirmish points that are posted in the general section.  I figured it would give myself and a couple of friends the ability to practice some of the nuances of the core rules and unit abilities by playing a number of small and quick games.  In addition, over the years myself and a number of my friends have gravitated back towards skirmish games in general (for a variety of reasons) and so I figured it would be easier to get people to play at that level.

So I put together a number of 50-point skirmish army lists together using my collection and we played a few games.  I think I had about 6-7 lists across most of the greenskin spectrum (Moonkin, Ironjawz, Spiderfang, Greenskinz, Bonesplitterz).  I don't own any of the new Ironjawz models yet (aside from the Shadespire warband), but somewhere in the realm of 90ish Ardboyz and we proxied an old command drummer model from the 90s as a Warchanter.

We ended up playing 2 games.  I don't remember the exact lists but it was pretty much the following:


Warboss on Giant Squig: + extra wound trait + rock eye

~5-7 Squig Hoppers (forget exact count)

~5-7 Cave Squigs (forget exact count)

2 herders



Warchanter: -1 rend ability and I forget what else he had

Ironskulls Boyz (these guys are really good in skirmish)

3-4 Ard Boyz



Maniak Weirdnob

5 Maniak Boar Boyz


First game was Moonclan vs Ironjawz playing the Seize the Relic mission.  This game was pretty close and fairly bloody.  I don't recall a round-by-round analysis, but here is the basic flow of the battle.  Moonclan got the first turn, used Extra Boingy command ability, then hoppers bounced towards the Ironjawz while the rest of the force ran towards the objective zone.  Some of the Hoppers tried an early charge towards some Ard Boyz but failed.  The Ironjawz split up roughly the same way.  The Warchanter used his ability on one of the Ard Boyz who all went towards the hoppers.  The Warchanter and Ironskulls boyz all went towards the objective zone (although they rolled poorly for runs).  The Ard Boyz were able to make charges against a few of the lead Hoppers.  During the combat a couple of other hoppers were able to pile in.  Result was a few scattered wounds with at least one casualty for both sides.  

The next few turns was basically both sides getting towards the objective while the Hoppers and Ard Boyz battled it out.  Moonclan lost a few models (a herder and a cave squig or two) to warband battleshock.  The Hoppers eventually prevailed against the Ard Boyz with one long hopper surviving the carnage and bouncing around to try to flank the Ironjawz.  Meanwhile, the fight began to rage over the objective.  The cave squigs engaged Ironjawz boys.  Poor rolling led to the squigs mostly missing or bouncing off the orruk armor.  But, when the squig attacks did make it through they pretty much would kill the opponent outright.  The real turning point was when the Warchanter buffed himself and charged the Warboss on the Squig (who was more open than I thought).  The Warchanter inflicted 6 wounds and the warboss survived only because I took the allegiance trait for +1 wound.  In return, there was a hopper and a cave squig that piled in.  The Moonclan force was able to put the Warchanter down to 2 wounds.  The end pretty much came down to the priority roll - which Moonclan won.  The warboss activated first and managed to slay the Warchanter.  At that point the rest of the force closed in on Ironjaw and his one remaining goon.  Victory to Moonclan.


The second game was the same Ironjawz force vs Bonesplitterz on the Dawn Battle (where every warband member deploys to a random board section).  This battle was very quick but still pretty close.  Both sides were trying to get the other side to 50% casualties for a victory.  Bonesplitterz got the first turn and due to high speed charged all around.  But due to poor rolling only managed to kill one enemy and spread some wounds around the rest.  The Weirdnob was positioned out of sight first turn which meant he could not arcane bolt.  Second round the Ironjawz made a couple of charges and both sides punched each other in the face.  By the end of round 1 the Bonesplitters were 1 model away from running away and the Ironjawz were 2 models away.  Bonesplitterz won priority and had to kill 2 models.  But, the dice were not in thier favor this turn.  The Weirdnob failed to cast Arcane Bolt.  Two boarboyz failed their charges and they were only able to kill one Ard Boy.  Next turn the Arboyz got their charges off and killed 2 Bonesplitterz.  Victory Ironjawz.

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Just finished a 3 game event a few weeks ago, took the Ironjawz out, went 2-1, winning against Tzeentch, Stormcast, and losing against Skryre. All in all it was one of the best string of matches I've had with them, now I'm focusing on getting my Bonesplitterz list built and on the table. 

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Great idea Harken, defiantly better than complaining that the shiny stormcast get all the toys. 

Currently working on a mixed destruction army. Just a bunch of random stuff that I have from when I stopped playing the game in 6th edition. It will probably morph into exclusivly Ironjaws as I collect more of that army.

The last game I played was 500 pts(Megaboss, 5x Brutes,  10x Ardboys) Starstrike against Sylvaneth (Wizard, K, Hunters with bows, some dryads). Game was difficult due to move of 4" but everything I managed to get my hands on got their teeth kicked in. It was so much fun to one shot their general with a brute unit boss, wow. I did end up losing on VP, but the game was so much fun.

Looking forward to this thursday for another game or two. Probably going to run generic destruction(750pts), rather than IJ (cuz Im still waiting on some models)


Moonclan Shaman

Moonclan Grots (spears)x20

Fanatics x3

Gitmob grots (Bows) x20

Brutes (2hw) x5



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On 4/24/2018 at 6:18 PM, blueshirtman said:

Nice, keep it coming guys. Does anyone have any stories about beastclaw raiders?

I went to a 1 day event last month where beastclaw raiders won. It was 4 games at 1000pts.

His list was:

Huskard on stonehorn

4 mournefang 

2 mournfang

and I think 2*3 yhetees.

When I spoke with the guy his strategy was to charge the 4 mournfang and his huskard at the same time, triggering the mournfang to attack out of sequence  using line breakers. He tabled or came close to tabling most of his opponents. Hope that helps!

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2 hours ago, Uffe said:

3 Chukkas

6 wins out of 9 games vs people that play tournement lists.

I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion that 3/4 gitmob arti pieces are mandatory for every Destruction army. Having the ranged threat not only allows us to snipe key heroes but also force the enemy to come to us rather than have to walk into their gunline/spell line.

Personally I'm going to go for the Rocklobbers just because I can fit 4 into my allies slot!

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4 minutes ago, Malakree said:

I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion that 3/4 gitmob arti pieces are mandatory for every Destruction army. Having the ranged threat not only allows us to snipe key heroes but also force the enemy to come to us rather than have to walk into their gunline/spell line.

Personally I'm going to go for the Rocklobbers just because I can fit 4 into my allies slot!

This. After many crushing defeats without them I've embraced the gitmob. trying to build 60 archers but they are sold out online -_-

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With Beastclaw Raiders gone on an 8 games win streak with wins over Khorne (a daemon list and a mortal heavy list), Legion Of Sacrament, Fyreslayers, Flesh Eater Courts, Mixed order (Aelves), Sylvaneth and Stormcast.

My gaming group isn’t top tier tournament competetive, but they do bring some solid lists so I’m happy with the wins.

Here’s the list:


The current success I think comes a lot from knowing my list well, and being confident in what I can and can’t do.

Anyone has questions about anything in the list or how it plays happy to break it down :) 


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Best moment I've ever had with my Gut busters was when my butcher killed 2 Kurnoth hunters in a single phase with the Maw, and then ate a tree Lord ancient with it the next turn. Never been more nervous over a dice roll than when I was trying to make that 5th 4+ ?

This will never happen again but by Mork or maybe Gork it was a beautiful 2 turns. 

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Two weeks ago I went to a local tournament near me and took my Ironjawz. The boyz went 3-0 and I ended up taking 1st place. This is the list I brought:

Allegiance: Ironjawz


Megaboss Gorfang Da Immortal (140) - General - Command Trait : Brutish Cunning - Artefact : Metalrippa's Klaw

Jazood Warchanter (80)

Jazood Warchanter (80)

Weirdnob Shaman Nogoog (120)


5 x Zodgrob’s Bashin’ Brutes (180)

10 x Ugly Bogg’s Kunnin’ Brutes (360)

5 x Dradruzak’s Fightin’ Brutes (180)

3 x Korkrok’s Gore Gruntas (140)

3 x Ruglid’s Gore Gruntas (140)

4 x Ozdrog’s Rowdy Raiderz (Ironskull's Boyz) (80)

Total: 1500 /1500

Leaders: 4/6 Battlelines: 5 (3+) Wounds: 123

I was a bit surprised the list worked very well without a Maw Krusha. The Shadespire Warband was also quite helpful in maintaining my objectives which freed up a unit of Brutes or a character to advance. I also got some helpful rolls on Rampaging Destroyers, especially during my Round 2 match against Sylvaneth in Scorched Earth.

You can read the recap of my three matches over on my army blog


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Success for Gutbusters!

I had a 2500p game Ogors against Chaos Khorne yesterday, Duality of Death.

Khorne had lots of monsters: Mutalith, Mazalarr Demon Prince, Chimera and Khorgorath, plus Bloodsecrator, Mighty Lord of Kohorne, priests, Chaos Chosen and Chaos Warriors, Chaos Knights and Reavers. 171 wounds.

I took 12 Ogors, 6 Ironguts, 9 Leadbelchers, 2 Tyrants, 2 Butchers, Ironblaster, allied in Icebrow Hunter (to Ambush characters) and Troggoth Hag. 170 wounds.

Major Victory after 4 rounds of bloody battle, but some things to point out:

-I was lucky, especially with Destruction move on turn 1 (got to charge with Ironguts)

-Ironblaster and Hunter are completely useless, athough Hunter was king in rolling saves and killed 10 Reavers and was left on 3 wounds. But this is 280 points to use for either additional 6 Ogors or 3 Ironguts.

-12 Ogors have great stopping power with 48 wounds, 12 Ogors benefit much more from dual weapons than Ironfists. I rerolled dozens of dice, but most enemies had rend and if they didn't, I rolled only few 6s). They are great with +1 from Butcher (I got 3 +1s to hit from Cauldron in whole game, very lucky).

-Ironguts got +1 to hit, gor 1st round charge and killed Chimera. Next round was for Khorne, 3 Ironguts survived the Chaos Knights attack and Mazalarrs attack, rolled 1 for battleshock, still used their +1 to hit (and used Triumph to reroll all failed attacks) and killed Mighty Lord and almost killed Mazalarr. IF you get a that +1 to them and IF you fish for that Triumph roll, they can be devastating. However, unit of 6 has only 24 wounds, so they tend to die fast and 3 of them they don't usually do anything (later without bonus they completely whiffed).

-Troggoth Hag failed all castings, most missile attacks and most melee attacks. In other game she had Rockeye, which made her so much better.


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I was at LGT this weekend, had 5 great cames and came out with 4 wins. Twas mega fun and finished 9th / 66th. I played some of the best I'd played in about a year and the game I lost was close to impossible for me to win (without some very specific/lucky/statistically improbable dice rolling). Forgot the triumph every  time....


Beat: Aetherwing Game 1 (Knife to heart), Mixed Order Game 2 (battle for pass), Game 4 Legion of Night (starstrike), Game 5 Vanguard Wing (Total Conquest)
Lost vs Nurgle Plaguetouched Warband Game 2 (duality) - dont think i could possibly have won this unless I got the ambush from gutstompa allegiance off. 


List was:

Allegiance: Moonclan Grots (used Gutstompa allegiance)

Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80)
Grot Warboss (120)
- General
- Moon Prodder & Giant Cave Squig
- Trait: Big and Brutish
- Artefact: Battered Talisman

60 x Moonclan Grots (360)
- Pokin Spears & Moon Shields
60 x Moonclan Grots (360)
- Pokin Spears & Moon Shields

20 x Cave Squigs (240)

3 x Grot Fanatics (100)
2 x Grot Squig Herders (20)

Colossal Squig (300)

War Machines
Grot Rock Lobber (100)
Grot Rock Lobber (100)
Grot Rock Lobber (100)
Grot Rock Lobber (100)Total: 1980 / 2000
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 225



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