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[UK] [Sale / Trade] [H] OOP Metal Juan Diaz Horrors + Epic 40k [W] Khorne Bloodbound / Daemons / Monsters

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Hello! I've got a lot of stuff for sale. I'm interested in Khorne bloodbound, daemons or monsters (cockatrice etc).

OOP Juan Diaz Horrors of Tzeentch - Pictures - £35
17 total, lots of arms, one converted to be a banner carrier

Epic 40k
Eldar - Pictures - £30
80 infantry (various) on bases
26 infantry (various) off bases
7 Wraithguard off bases (some on)
15 Plastic Jetbikes
5 Plastic Vypers
5 Plastic Platform
5 Support Platform (Vibro-Cannon)

Chaos - Pictures - £3 £2.50
5x Chaos Chosen

Privateer Press - Khador
Mk3 Khador Battlegroup (NIB) - £12

Privateer Press - Cryx
Lich Lord Asphyxious (NIB) - £3
Skarlock Thrall (NIB) - £3

Nemion Oceanics
NIB - £10

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